Fall 2013 Review | Christopher Kane Exceeds at London Fashion Week

Christopher Kane Fall 2013 - A collection worth an investment for PPR

Christopher Kane recently got his label to be under billionaire PPR shareholder, Fran�ois-Henri Pinault, one of the major shareholders for Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and others. It was lovely to have seen Donatella Versace, former boss of Kane under Versus label, sitting front row besides Anna Wintour. I was curious to know what may have been her thoughts on Kane�s resignation. When I saw a glimpse of Donatella, I felt no resentment, but someone proud of Kane�s designs. I, as well, would be proud of him with this presentation.

If Mr. Pinault wanted to see new creativity, he got it � and more than the required. His Scottish heritage was injected into kilts � sexier in camouflage. I was fascinated by how he used the hip belts on the kilts to become part of a closure on those boxy navy coats. 

Dresses were bombarded with one of the most intricate sexy creativities ever. 

The manner in which he managed to oversize the loops in between the velvet pieces � making it appear as if they were to come apart � was what I defined as fashion � an innovate trendsetter. 

Christopher Kane Fall 2013 - A collection worth an investment for PPR

Lace exceeded my expectations coming from Kane. I was not expecting to be shocked by something so beautiful. The swirls � resembling a butterfly effect � were fascinating. Other sexy party dresses in embroidered tulle numbers were a big win for Kane. I would never have thought of how much you could perform with tulle. Other vibrant embroidered pieces were beyond normal.

If there is something you should know about Kane though � it would be his use of whimsical prints. By whimsical I don�t refer to them as a bad taste, because I would be deceiving myself. His brain-activity scans that went down the runway were entertaining and full of brain power. 

For his first debut under PPR, Kane oozed confidence. He showed everyone just how much he�s worth an investment. 


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