Are Menswear Designers Competing Against Zara?

zara mens graphic t-shirts

Is it comforting to say that fashionable retail chains - H&M, Topman, and Zara - are now giving high-end designers, especially menswear, a competition of their own? If we look at how fast men's fashion is moving, it has become somewhat daunting for designers to sell off their highly priced designs when another retailer (Zara) is producing similar designs of theirs for half the price (or more) of an original designer item. High-end menswear collections have been around for quite a while, but now that more men are paying attention to their personal style, designers may not feel it fair to see other mega retailers taking over their designs after they've invested more creativity and time in their menswear seasonal collections.

It used to be that tailored and very fitted clothes could only be obtained through designers, but today anyone can obtain their very fitted pieces - pants beginning at $29.99 to a suit retailing at $80 or a intricate biker jacket at $300. What's the difference? Authentic leather has gone up the sky, improved details and cuts are paid much more attention to, craftsmanship may be of a special technique, and a brand's label closes the deal. But most men are less about technique and cut, and more about it's cool, fits well, and a perfect price for such an investment. Men sometimes find it difficult to invest in a great $1,000 coat because they're afraid it won't be a well worth investment compared to a $1,000 technology device. This is probably one of the main factors that have led designers themselves like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and much more concentrate in producing very noteworthy designs for their diffusion lines that cost less than their designer collections.

zara mens inspired t-shirts

While some retail chains hire unknown designers or creative directors to create their own unique "designer collections," one particular retailer seems to be ahead of the curve. Zara has included a series of religious and greek god t-shirts that seem to have been inspired by Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 collections. They not only have these types of t-shirts, but also others that have similarities towards Givenchy's ones. Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent has also put his $4,900 short-fitted biker jackets on the hunt for Zara to retail theirs for only $299.99; huge price cut and fitted, although we'd prefer Saint Laurent's version. Accessories, such as Valentino's most photographed street style camouflage sneakers, have also made it to Zara's store for a price of $99.90, compared to its $795 designer version; these sneakers are so identical it makes you want to buy them. To say the least, the designer inspired items you may seek for could be hidden at a Zara retailer.

There is no denial that Zara has been a clever and an on trend company that seems to be doing their research very well. We could dare to say that Zara is becoming one of the strongest fashionable retail chains that is giving much more attention to its menswear line, introducing and even predicting new trends that are sure to be a mega hit. 

They have created a well put formula for men to wear designer quality items - very fitted pieces, accessories, and special details - but at the same time, have a feel for a luxury designer inspired item. And while half of men may still be investing in highly coveted outfits, the other half may not have an excuse for unattainable style, because there is a retail that is offering you designer inspired models at reasonable prices. The question here though is would you rather opt for the original designer's collection or spend less at Zara? If we could express our personal opinion, you would agree with us that while a retailer may be selling great inspired designs, there will always be a special design only a designer can offer. 

zara mens accessories and outerwear

Shop all looks at Zara.

Tom Ford and His Eponymous Fashion Career

Fashion designer, Tom Ford

Fashion icon/designer, Tom Ford, may be turning 52 today, but you can't deny the man looks in his thirties. You could skip through many of his pictures - parties, self-portrait advertisements, fashion shows - and you won't notice a difference of age. Not bad for his age today, huh? How does he even manage to look so youthful, considering fashion is one of the most stressful careers to work in today's fast paced society? 

Well, he is never afraid to share some of his beauty secrets to other guys who seek for a flawless looking skin in case you're wondering too. "Male grooming and skincare products" - bronzer on t-zone for vivid skin, concealer for imperfections, luxury cleanser and moisturizer for refreshening skin - are what keep his looks fresh, and will also be something guys will finally be able to get from him when his so talked about men's skincare line debuts this fall. 

In fact, he is one of the most liberating designers who is not afraid to speak about anything. So comfortable about himself, sex and nudity are part of his lifestyle. His campaigns always contain a sexual form of act (or provocation) that can exceed an average advertisement to the point of banning them. Talk about his so controversial pubic hair campaign for Gucci, and a perfume ad for his label placed on a model's private parts for advertisement. His eponymous collections always have a correlation with sex, but nothing to do with vulgarity. His mission is always to find the perfect balance for woman to feel sexy and glamorous in what they wear, but best of all, confident in who she is. He understands the anatomy of a woman, making his dresses luxury provocation for men; he is a lover of an open back, peekaboos, and cleavage slits of course. When it comes to menswear, he knows exactly how the perfect fitted suit should look like in a man. That has taken Mr. Tom Ford to be one of the A-list designers celebrities, men and women, will go to.

He has done so much for the fashion world, he is only one of the few designers you can't mess around with. His resume is one of the strongest in the fashion industry with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent being his powerful ones. He could be considered the godfather of Gucci, because without him maybe Gucci wouldn't exist or be such a mega empire it is today. He took Gucci from the ground up, and everything he designed while under the brand became gold to say the least, as did for other brands. Today, it is a jewel to find a vintage Gucci x Tom Ford piece people would be willing to pay more than the required.  His own brand, Tom Ford, may not be superbly familiar to many since he does not believe so much in press - a reserved designer - but whoever gets to cross by his seasonal collections is difficult not to fall in love with. He is a fashion icon - best dressed, flawless skin, best collections of the season, trend setter, and open minded designer - who we wish to see delivering many more designs to crave for. Happy Birthday.

See some of his famous quotes and invigoratingly sexy campaigns/collections below.

Tom Ford quotes

Tom Ford Steamy Ad Campaign

Tom Ford Spring 2012 Campaign

Gucci for Tom Ford Fall Campaign
Gucci for Tom Ford Fall Campaign

Selena Gomez and Her Atelier Versace Numbers

Selena Gomez at VMA 2013 Awards in Atelier Versace
Selena Gomez at VMA's 2013 Awards in Atelier Versace

We all know pop song artist, Selena Gomez, has recently turned 21 even though she still looks quite young for such a liberating number. When it comes to an awards ceremony, it shouldn't be no surprise she'll opt for full Atelier Versace numbers - the brands couture line - that are best known for designing very sexy pieces. This season, Atelier Versace's Fall 2013 collection came even more sexual and revealing than from previous seasons. To say the least, we weren't really expecting no one to show up in such designs from the collection. Okay, maybe for the VMA's 2013 vulgar red carpet event wouldn't have been shocking, but it was when Selena showed up in a navy revealing lace corset dress that was hold by Swarovski crystal-pins that appeared the dress could have ripped with any harsh move.

It seems that at 21, the artist may be beginning to feel more comfortable in what she wears with super high-slits, something her best friend, Taylor Swift, prefers to keep classic. We're not saying she's becoming excessive or vulgar, for the dress brought a perfect balance compared to other artists who walked the red carpet. It just seems the main buzz here that had several online sites talking about this dress was people not been accustomed to seeing Selena Gomez showing too much skin.....until now. 

For fashion, we thought she looked beautiful in her Atelier Versace gown, but for others it may look different. And whether you hated it or not, by now she showed us she can't go wrong in anything she wears, and is really one of the few who can pull of this sexy look without vulgarity interfering. What do you think about Selena Gomez's revealing dress she wore at the VMA's 2013 red carpet?

See also some of Selena Gomez's other Atelier Versace's dresses she has worn in previous awards ceremony below.

Selena Gomez in various Atelier Versace dresses

The Fall 2013 Designer Collaborations Worth Knowing

This fall, designer collaborations with mega retailers are going to be bigger than ever. Mega retailers like Target, H&M, Banana Republic, Kmart, and others have joined forces with other luxury brands, models, and celebrity artists to give you something unique to choose from this upcoming season. Take a look below at some of the collaborations everyone is talking about, ready to buy, and must have in your fall calendar. 

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target fall Collection Lookbook

Designer Collaboration: 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target

What's Included: The collection will include both men's and women's pieces - accessories and clothing. Considering Phillip Lim's love for the streets, it is obvious this will be one of Target's best designer collaboration of the year. Mr. Lim found ways to stay true to his luxury brand and perfectly blend in techniques to mix his luxury taste for more accessible pieces that look refined and cool. Details are worth the try here, such as one men's navy/camo print shirt or a women's floral print blouse. Stay on the look for some "BOOM" sweaters as well.

Price: Collection will run from $19.99 - $299.99

Date Available: The collection is set to be available online and at most Target retail stores beginning September 15. The full collection will be available online though.

isabel marant for hm fall collection

Designer Collaboration: Isabel Marant x H&M

What's Included: The collection will include a line of women's accessories and clothes, and it will also mark Isabel Marant's first collection for menswear. We know Isabel Marant could best be described as a French semi-country style � la luxury. One picture recently released by H&M shows the designer trying on a dress herself; it is Isabel Marant's DNA's gone affordable. What was more surprising was to see at last one shot of her menswear debut that shows a model wearing a dyed long sleeve shirt. We have a feeling girls and guys will go crazy for this retro looks very soon. 

Price: Prices have not been specified, but it will most likely be similar to most of H&M's designer collaborations - $50+

Date Available: The collection hits stores and online beginning November 15. Thank god for the new U.S. H&M online shopping experience!

l'wren scott for banana republic holiday collection womenswear

Designer Collaboration: L'Wren Scott x Banana Republic

What's Included: The collection will include accessories and various amount of precious L'Wren Scott signature dresses at half the designer's luxury price (or more). There are only two sketches that were released earlier this month. Just from these sketches we can already tell you should expect to see some body-hugging dresses, slim-tailored suits, skinny pants, and very colorful prints and fabrics. The holiday season just got better with this upcoming collaboration.

Price: Collection will retail from $40 - $200. Not bad for a budget.

Date Available: The collection will be available just in time for the holiday celebrations exclusively at Banana Republic beginning December 5. We assure you their will be women ready to dazzle their purchase for Christmas or better yet, New Years Eve.

freja beha erichsen for mother jeans fall collection at nordstrom

Model Collaboration: Freja Beha Erichsen x Mother

What's Included: Supermodel, Freja Beha Erichsen, is turning professional denim designer for her new collaboration with the eponymous denim label, Mother. The collection will include good fitted skinny jeans - leather included, chambray shirts, and more. Also, for every pair purchased 10% will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian organization the model has worked and dedicated to over the past few years; consider it a nice aid for a great pair of jeans. And as for advertisement is concerned, she'll model them for you.

Price: Denims start from $145 - $300. Chic prices for cool model jeans and shorts.

Date Available: The capsule collection is set to hit Nordstrom this fall. Look for them very soon.

nicki minaj for Kmart collection line

Artist Collaboration: Nicki Minaj x Kmart

What's Included: The rap artist has teamed up with Kmart to include a series of very affordable sexy dresses and others the artist is fond of. The artist decided to share and model her designs herself on her Instagram account. We have to say one particular dress the artist modeled - a blue printed one pictured on the left - seems she put dedication to make curvier women like her look good in them. Urban, sexy, and affordable over all.

Price: Prices have not been announced, but it may be similar to other past celebrity collaborations - $28+

Date Available: The collection will be available at Kmart sometime this fall.

adam levine working on 22 by adam levine kmart collection line

Artist Collaboration: 222 by Adam Levine x Kmart

What's Included: We know Mr. Levine can have a unique sense of style. It will be Kmart's first attempt to include a specific menswear collection coming from an artist. The collection surely seems to include mostly casual and cool, edgy outerwear pieces for fall. There will be raw looking denim, military-style jackets, plaid shirts, and more, which will surely have a connection to Mr. Levine's cool rock style at very affordable prices.

Price: $14.99 - $69.99

Date Available: Collection is set to be available at Kmart this fall (September).

Anna Wintour and Her Voguestagram Trend Keeps Growing

Anna Wintour reading Vogue september issue 2013 with Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Wintour reading her September Issue. Have you read it?

We all know Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue (and Queen of Fashion), has been one of the strongest editors to stay away from social media. You know someone like her is powerful if she doesn't have to deal with all these online media in order to reign in fashion. But when she does get a chance to make a brief appearance in social media, she assures everyone will talk about it and hopefully become a trend everyone will follow. 

This was the case of her first ever Instagram shot for Vogue's Magazine account. It sounds awkward to say an editor hasn't been pictured in a magazine's page, but it is what it is. Oh, and even more interesting was knowing that her first Instagram picture was taken by a professional photographer, not just anyone. Taylor Jewell was the photographer in charge of this shot, which he proudly posted on his personal page as well. Seems Queen Wintour has set some rules if you want to see her on any other social media page in the future. 

Speaking of the trend, the picture's caption read the following: 

| "Anna Wintour reads #TheSeptemberIssue. Do you? We would love to see it! Show us your #voguestagram." |

After receiving more than 28K likes and counting, many fashion insiders and fans began posting pictures of them reading their newly beloved September Issue with Jennifer Lawrence on the cover. Even if people didn't take the time to read the caption, it is very safe to state that a picture is worth a thousand words, because more than anything else everyone wants to be pictured reading their September issue just like Anna Wintour. You can never say "NO" to the Queen. Get your #voguestagram going.

See some of the few designers pictured reading their September Issue below.

Shoe designer, Brian Atwood, reading his September Issue.
Shoe designer, Brian Atwood, reading his September Issue.
J.Crew designer, Jenna Lyons, reading her September Issue
J.Crew designer, Jenna Lyons, reading her September Issue.
Fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, reading his September Issue
Fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, reading his September Issue.
Zac Posen reading Vogue September issue 2013
Fashion designer, Zac Posen, reading his September Issue.
Rag & Bone designers reading their September Issue
Rag & Bone designers reading their September Issue.

Links a la Mode #5: The Fantastic Five


Naughty Nineties

It was Halloween in 1988, I decided to dress up as a Hippie. A woman said something I have never forgotten... "You know you're getting old when kids start dressing up like you did as a teenager." Well, this is the year it's really happening to me. As someone who loved alternative chic in the 90's (a little grunge, a little goth, a little punk, a little ska) it's nice to see some of those styles "coming back" for nostalgia if not for anything else. While, I personally will take a seat back, having already lived it before, this week's links have all kinds of 90's themes to them. From Michelle Williams (hey Dawson's Creek hit in '99) to St. Laurent's grunge inspired collection, to the 10 Alternative Fashion blogs to watch, it's there, so just click!

Links � la Mode: August 15

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Womens Fall 2013 Must Have Accessories | Part 2

Womens Fall 2013 Punk Accessories Trend

The Theme of the Season

The Fall/Winter 2013 trends will not be only about punk clothes, but accessories. Punk inspired accessories made their way throughout many brands in a unique manner. Some went hardcore punk like Saint Laurent, while others like Manolo Blahnik's red plaid lace-up heels were chic as was Coach's gold spiky (triangular) necklace. 

You now know you don't have to take punk to the EXTREME, but little punk details will make your outfit a whole lot edgier and a super trendy cool girl. Somehow, these accessories will lift the spirit of your fall wardrobe looks. Have fun! 

Womens Men's Inspired Shoes Trend


Low-cut boots. Over the knee boots. Men's inspired shoes. Pointed toe heels. Ankle cuffed heels. These are the must have shoes of the season. Various designs of boots took most of the trophy this season with a much wider use of lace-up brogue heels, while men's inspired shoes came stronger than ever with lace-up brogue heels being one of the most viewed throughout the runways. Block heels made their entrance with this specific trend as well.

Fall 2013 Over the Knee Boots Trend
Fall 2013 Low-Cut Boots Trend
Fall 2013 Ankle-Cuffed Heels Trend
Fall 2013 Pointed Toe Heels Trend

If you were looking to see maybe what colored shoes should be in your closet this fall, take it from our Women's Fall 2013 Trends collection. In case you may have forgotten you may want to go back here to refresh your mind for future references. Some of us may not be able to get our hands on all of these beauties, but a good inspiration for DIY can come in handy. Don't you think so?

Womens Fall 2013 Small Handbags Accessories Trend


Give those huge handbags a break. Designers were definitely pushing for smaller handbags this season. We know you will love this trend, but for those of you big handbag lovers who love to carry.....who knows what, go for rounder shaped handbags. Not only will you look like you're not carrying a suitcase, but chic to the max. Prada is your must go to.

The Women's Fall 2013 Must Have Trends| Part 1

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Punk and Rebel
Versace, Chanel, Jeremy Scott, Saint Laurent

Punk & Rebel: Whether it be hardcore punk or rebel, designers were definitely feeling like revealing their rebellious side of their brands. Some turned punk into vunk (a.k.a Versace Punk) - the definition of a sexy rebel - while others let out a wilder side in their designs like Jeremy Scott's gooey monster prints. Chanel kept it rebel with a luxury class, and Saint Laurent infused a grungy l'air into his fall looks with those so talked about baby doll dresses we've all heard by now. 

Style Tip: Whether you're feeling this new trend or not, just add a little plaid and punk-y accessories to play around at your discretion. It shouldn't be difficult to search for these accessories, but all you need is your creativity and personal style to make you a woman who implements a style trend impeccably. We guarantee you'll be loving this trend.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Fur Coats
Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Sportsmax, Rachel Zoe
Fur-licious: Fur has been bigger than ever this season that it seems the economy has been doing great. While some may not be in favor of this trend, all we can say is choosing the perfect fur coat could definitely put you on the map of streetstyle photographers this season because fur speaks for itself. Fendi - the best fur in the luxury market - brought a punk vibe to their high-technical fur coats as did Roberto Cavalli's dyed coat. Sporstmax and Rachel Zoe were just some of the few who delivered one of the best short fur coats.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Relaxed Colorful Coats
Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Gucci, C�line
Relaxed Coats: Don't be afraid to go loose on your coats this season. Relax and let your coat fall on you like a queen. Coats this season will be stronger than ever and in COLOR! Designers seemed to have turned coats into a colorful, feminine, and somewhat seductive piece to inject into your fall 2013 looks. More than anything else, coats made a wider presence than any other item of clothing you could have imagined; in shorter terms, you need invest in a great coat ASAP.

When it comes to searching for the perfect minimalistic coat, leave it to Jil Sander who had one of the best in her fall 2013 collection. That perfectly cut coat and blue tone will surely last you forever. Or you could elevate the search for a super trendy pink-textured Miu Miu coat with those polka dot scarfs that will be a streetstyle sensation. Gucci opted to give that sensational baby-blue and black detailed collar a somewhat masculine but powerful statement. C�line wasn't left behind with a series of coats, like one pink-blush coat that were one of the best we had seen so far from the brand. Other designers also had good numbers that would make it difficult to choose from unless money is not such a problem. Get me 10 pieces please.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Men's Fabric Patterns
Alberta Ferretti, Tommy Hilfiger, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana
Men's Fabric: Being that the punk influence was present on many runways, it wasn't so surprising to see designers implementing other masculine patterns into their collections. From plaid, houndstooth, prince of whales, windowpanes, to checked patterns were just some of the men's fabric inspirations designers mixed with feminine looks. Alberta Ferretti took a navy patterned design to turn into a beautiful subtle coat any woman wouldn't mind following this trend. Tommy Hilfiger chose to give his patterns a preppy look, while Lanvin went for an avant garde masculine touch and Dolce & Gabbana injected a feminine domination over those menswear patterns. 

As you can tell, just because we're saying men's fabric it doesn't mean you have to dress like a man. You can still keep your feminine roots over a great patterned men's number.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Animal and floral prints
Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Givenchy, Giambattista Valli
Animal & Floral Prints: Not only were men's fabric the new trend of the season, but in case you were wondering their were also two major feminine prints that made their presence in many presentations. Animal prints - specifically a feline print - were seen throughout collections like Giambattista Valli and Burberry Prorsum. Burberry designer, Christopher Bailey, gave more excitement to these luxury animal prints than any other designer. Valentino wouldn't have been a collection with a series of beautiful floral designs the duo presented, while Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy imbued a dark romantic touch to his floral outerwear jackets. 

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Tomboy dress code
Alexander Wang, Dsquared2, Rebecca Minkoff, Stella McCartney
Tomboy Attitude: You probably guessed it right. If men's fabric patterns were a hit on the runway, there had to be a tomboy trend present for this fall. Alexander Wang gave a rough tomboy look to his designs, which is difficult not to see coming from Wang, whilst Dsquared2 went with men's formalwear looks. Rebecca Minkoff and Stella McCartney infused a girly and tomboy look at the same time. Which do you go for?

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Streetstyle to office looks
Proenza Schouler, Carven, Balenciaga, Altuzarra
Streetstyle Officewear: Streetstyle has become a cool influence for the new generations of luxury fans. So why not take your office wear attire to the streets and be photographed wearing the most awesome outfits we crave for? Proenza Schouler gave its trendy round shoulder coats a must have for any office to streetstyle occasicon; streetstyle runs in their roots. Carven's pink ensemble finished the look with those unique white shoes, while Altuzzara's white piece number gave a totally different attitude with those low boots, or high thigh white boots if you saw the collection. What took the crown though this season was Balenciaga's cracked marble designs that would be fit for any important meeting. We'd love to see someone in our office like that.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- High gloss fabrics
Jonathan Saunders, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Tibi
High Gloss: Don't forget to polish your skirts or tops this fall. In case you'd like to go for a similar look like Gucci's high gloss satin top without paying a good amount of money, satin fabric is your must go to fabric if you love designing your own clothes. Leather may be difficult to obtain at such a high gloss standards like Jonathan Saunders shiny top or Salvatore Ferragamo's purple leather skirt.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Color block looks
3.1 Phillip Lim, Antonio Berardi, Derek Lam, DKNY
Color-Block: This trend is all about geometric patterns as some like to call it. You could invest in a great 3.1 Phillip Lim pink/white/black leather coat that is becoming quite popular, Antono Berardi's sheer cut dress, Derek Lam's must have figure hugging cashmere sweaters, or DKNY's sporty sweater. And maybe you may just have already a good piece hidden in your closet that now calls for the right season to use it.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Turtlenecks
Donna Karan, Victoria Beckham, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior
Turtlenecks: Oh my, the turtlenecks. Turtlenecks may not be for everyone, but designers were surely pushing for this trend to make it into fall's 2013 must have trend. Take it to a sensual level like Donna Karan's gray velvet dress or Victoria Beckham's striking knitwear turtleneck. You could make it chic as always like Ralph Lauren's black knitted number or Christian Dior's intricate one. Which ever route you decide to take, confidence is what will bring out this stated trend.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Tailored cropped trousers
Narcisco Rodriguez, N.21, Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung
Tailored-Cropped Trousers: The key to this trends is to have your pants cut just above your ankle and fitted very well. Narciso Rodriguez's colored-cropped trousers were one of the best we had seen so far from this designer. Prabal Gurung took floral printed denim to something women will be wishing for, while N.21 and Jason Wu had something interesting in their trousers; it may have been the manner in which they styled it.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- High slit skirts and below the knee
N.21, Michael Kors, Burberry Prorsum, Victoria Beckham
High-Slits/ Below the Knee Skirts: Who said below the knee skirts were boring and for old woman? When they come with high-slits we don't find nothing boring in them. In fact, we find a flirty mix between sophistication and sensuality. And if you're not feeling the high-slits, make it fun and youthful like Burberry's camel studded skirt, or simply provocative like Victoria Beckham's tight hugging dark brown skirt paired with a high-slit top.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Vintage Elegance and fabric
Nina Ricci, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Prada
Vintage Elegance: As you may tell, there was some sort of vintage essence in the fabric, design, and structure designers went for this season. It may be time to hit a vintage boutique to shop around beautiful pieces of elegant collections this fall. Nina Ricci's suit designs, like a beautiful vivid red suit, and choice of fabric sent a strong message of timeless luxury, while Oscar de la Renta's black draped suit stated vintage luxury all around. Bottega Veneta's semi-unstitched embroidered dress and Prada's asymmetric gray coat and detailed sleeves were just some more beautiful pieces to look around this fall.

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Sophisticated sleepwear
Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabbane, Rochas
Sophisticated Sleepwear: We know a girl can sometimes feel lazy to search for something to wear. Leave it up to Marc Jacobs pajama-like uniform, Louis Vuitton's velvet embroidered sleep gown, Paco Rabbane's laced slip dress, or Rochas' silk pajama to do the work. The goal here is to not make this trend make you look like you just go out of bed or feel MUSTY. It won't work for everyone, for we'd rather go luxury to achieve the trend. 

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Gray, white, and black colors
Caroline Herrera, Herm�s, Elie Saab, Emilio Pucci
Gray, Black, White, & Black/White: The three most basic colors to wear this season are definitely gray, black, and white. DO NOT be afraid to dress in any one of these colors from head to toe. Go for different shades of the same color to nail the look like Carolina Herrera's detailed gray coat and heels. And in case you want to pair two different basic colors, Black/White combinations made a presence on the runway like Herm�s full look. 

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Colorful colors of the season
Lanvin, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Chanel
Total Package: You may have been looking for the real colors of the season to brighten up your fall wardrobe here. Well take note because pink, burgundy, green, violet, and blue are the colors of the season. You probably saw most of them throughout this post, and will see them even more when retails began to make available the new fall collections. 

Women's Fall 2013/2014 Trends- Luxury Embroidery Looks
Dries Van Noten, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain
Superb Embellishment: Because luxury is a trend as well, highly luxurious embroidered numbers were made present for those luxury customers this fall. Dries Van Noten pink feather embroidered dress was a must see. Tom Ford's return to the runway came stronger than ever with those embroidered zipped sweaters; not your average ones. We all know how much Dolce & Gabbana's new red embroidered dress will cost - $50,000 for the price of one. Balmain's embellished suit jacket probably won't come too affordable either, for we all know you can expect a draped pink mini skirt for $3,000. How much will this one be then? If you want luxury, you now know to seek for highly innovative embroidery.

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Fendi's Fall Furry Monsters

Fendi Fall 2013 Fur Monster Accessories - Handbags and Shoes

You know you can't never go wrong when Fendi plays around with their fur. They are the best in the luxury market, taking fur to a whole another dimension then what is perceived by. They have found so many innovative ways to turn fur into a fabric of its own, so razor sharp sometimes you won't believe what type of fur material you're wearing. 

This fall, their accessories - mostly handbags - have gotten fur lovers craving for some playful fur monsters and bird baguette's. Their new designs won't come at such an affordable price menu with prices ranging from $4450 - $7200US for one of these little monsters. And if you're wondering what type of fur these bags are made from you would probably be somewhat surprised to know they are dyed mink fur from Finland. Nice, huh? If you were to take a closer look at them you would be able to appreciate their dying techniques do look very well made when it comes to fur, but of course were talking about Fendi. Everything needs to come out perfect if you want to be the best in the luxury fur market. 

Also, you may have noticed in case you these prices seem a bit high for a furry monster, you could always grab Fendi's furry keychain monster to accessorize any other bag. Although, at $700 for this whimsical charm that could become the next big trend this upcoming season, it's much more creative to say maybe a new DIY project? While you're at it, have fun with some furry ankle boots as well, because fur has turned out to be bigger than ever this fall.

What do you think about these accessories?

Beyonce Strikes Again in Custom Gucci Outfits

Gucci sketches for Beyonce's Mrs.Carter World Tour Outfits 2013

This week Beyonce seems to be not only making her Mrs. Carter World Tour a talked about concert with hair getting caught in a fan, or an audience member slapping her in the butt, but her high-end custom designer outfits seems to be growing each and every day. She has worn a series of Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Kenzo, The Blondes (quite a buzzed one), and much more bedazzled outfits, but now she is about to open a new series of custom Gucci outfits. Yes, in case you may think you're all smart, she had already worn one custom Gucci outfit to the Chime for Change concert in London, but the collection could grow to be one of the best of any concerts.

So far, she debuted two outfits that were surely made for her personality. Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, stated that when designing Beyonce's outfits she "wanted the outfits to bring to life the assertive, powerful femininity" she sees in her performances. In our opinion these two outfits defined what Giannini was going for in a refined luxury manner. I don't know about you, but we wouldn't mind dressing up in those crisp white trousers and embroidered black/white top for a any occasion. We hope to see much more of these powerful outfits when she continues her eponymous tour worldwide. 

What do you think so far about these two outfits?

Beyonce in custom Gucci outfits for Mrs. Carter concert 2013