Paris Fashion Week 2014: Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and More

Day 2 of 5 Paris Men's Fashion Week

louis vuitton mens spring 2014 silk suits

Vibe: The European Traveling Around America.

The Louis Vuitton man is an explorer who loves to travel around the world. Creative director, Kim Jones also has a devotion for traveling. It is all a perfect match to deliver an exciting and compelling collection that leaves the Vuitton man with the right clothes to travel the world with style. This season Jones' models were given the pleasure to experience the different styles of American culture that were translated to Vuitton's exquisite DNA.

He opened the show with a checked-windowpane suit that imbued a formal-preppy style with sleeves rolled up, colorful bandanas, and remarkable pins that said Vuitton. He only added two labeled varsity jackets - in caramel and red - that were a frat guy's version of luxury. Outerwear appeared quite competitive to other high-end brands. A series of inspirational scout boy outfits heightened the looks with parkas sewn with badges and elbows stitched with crocodile skin. This was not your average scout boy look. Blousons - printed in faded LV symbols - were interesting to watch, whilst his tie-dye numbers had a surpassingly expensive, tough street boy appeal that could be sure to be a great hit in menswear.

Suits were kept intact to the way a Vuitton man would like them to be; somewhat slim and fitted all together. They only thing that modified were his introduction of silver dress shoes young man are sure to emulate now. A final silk (the most expensive silk) LV jacquard suit sent a strong message across: Vuitton has become such a powerful international company in the luxury market, using its logo has an excuse to anything. 

dries van noten mens spring 2014 floral print collection

Vibe: Mystical Floral Prints.

Dries Van Noten has become quite comfortable with his mien insets of color, texture, pattern, and signature tailoring. His spring 2014 men's wear collection felt much more stronger for the Van Noten man specifically in patterns. While most designers are going for more vibrant palettes of floral prints, he being the sort of rebel he infuses in his patterns, began with darker shades of metallic flowers that later turned into intense prints.

 The first model came out in a sheer floral print tank top etched with a visual number "9," vintage floral track shorts, and an usual silky overcoat - printed in ghostly faded flowers - that were present in several other looks. His new printed shirts looked confident enough to wear in the fashion world, but maybe not so much in reality. Trousers had that relaxed-fitted silhouette typical in Van Noten's design. While most of his blazers may have been somewhat tasteless, one silk jacquard floral blazer (shown above) was noteworthy. 

Van Noten's floral theme was his idea of giving it a unique tough and athletic look that has been so common in men's collection this season. Another mixture of inspirations common in Van Noten. He wanted to make his prints ones that said masculinity (perhaps that explains most of its color choice), but what may be agreeable to the Dries Van Noten man, may still be slowly digesting to the average man who may be fearing for the F word next season......Fashion.

balmain mens spring 2014 leather jackets

Vibe: The Ideal "Men's" Closet.

Considering Oliver Rousteing's young age for a designer (27), his work at Balmain can be said with the most absolute affirmation, is the brand Real Man dress in. And it is also the brand with the highest price tag (one button-down shirt will retail around $700), but it so convincing you'd see it as an investment. It speaks a great amount of this designer to convince a man to pay such a price on other pieces of clothes that could simply turn into a DIY. He only designs what he'd wish were available in his wardrobe, which we'd wish we had a best friend like him.

For spring 2014, Mr. Rousteing was feeling a marine lifestyle the way Balmain would do it; much more edgier. There were still Balmain's classic signature Oliver has made presence of in newer versions: quilted leather jackets, pants, and boots (impressive); angular boxy jackets and suits in white and navy; and rich hand-painted denim numbers. He offered some fresh knits in marine stripes (white and navy), which were very gratifying. A newly marine suit resembled an original one, but in a much detailed and youthful version. He included some denim overalls that made you want to rescue yours from your basement to be on trend like the Balmain man. And if you didn't find it, Rousteing could easily convince you to get yours done by Balmain; expect a higher percentage. One final look - a lustrous blue leather suit with epaulets, and an intricate skinny-fitted denim/leather patchwork pants with a marine logo and zipper hems - were an executable record to the Balmain man. Sounds too perfect to be true, but it is.

Paris Men's Fashion Week: Valentino, Raf Simons, and More

Day 1 of 5 Paris Men's Fashion Week

valentino mens spring 2014 military influence

Vibe: The Sophistication of Military.
Ever since Valentino presented its first runway show back in fall 2012, there were pieces here and there that showed the powerful weapon the Valentino man could become. Recently, its spring 2013 military collection has been selling like hot pancakes with their camouflage sneakers being one of the most demanding shoes of the season. Fall 2013 became one of the most PERFECT collections in menswear that depicted Valentino's sartorial couture craftsmanship so beautifully. And for its new spring 2014 men's collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli felt it was adequate to make its militant bespoke designs an official signature of the Valentino man.

The show began with a series of suits and shirt jackets beautifully split into various shades of denim that felt invigoratingly new to the brand. One blue denim parka was a stand innovation for the duo; so light and tailored. Others pieces noteworthy were their second olive and navy numbers that included a suit, coat, and parka as well. What were worth an investment were their leather shirt jackets - in burgundy, and olive - that looked so appealing with their black etched tape lining around one pocket, and epaulets that described the militant mood of the collection. Other illusional black leather tape linings followed in tan, electric blue, gray, navy, and camouflage print jackets and sweaters.

Trousers, which at far appeared to be only camouflage prints, when viewed closed enough were actually faded prints of daisies infused with its military design. Other printed trousers paired with sharp white t-shirts looked somewhat too casual (rebellious) for the Valentino man, but were intriguing to watch a new style emerge. Formalwear was by far much more of a synthesis of bespoke than a seasonal men's collection. In other words an impeccable high luxury "couture" triumph for Chiuri and Piccioli. 

balenciaga mens spring 2014 jackets

Vibe: Safety Pins and Urban Raincoats.
Balenciaga is still a developing brand that is perhaps less successful in its menswear division than its womenswear collections. Alexander Wang has been taking the brand in a very different route. Since been appointed creative director, he's developed a signature symbol for the house: the maillon, which is a thicker metal that resembles a safety pin. They were obvious in suits and pants, which created a sort of punk-y style to the looks. Tailoring wasn't so appreciable. He also included two dark-striped raincoats which made it confusing to understand the inspiration behind this collection. There were in fact new elements in the collection that were of Wang's influence: sleek leather black boots, knitwear, and pleasing shorts that were cut just above the knee. Wang has in fact established a good reputation to the Balenciaga woman, but there is still more work to be done in its menswear line. 

raf simons mens spring 2014 embroidered t-shirts

Vibe: The Freedom of Simons.
Raf Simons is a show that will never leave you disappointed. Simons keenly knows how to leave you with doubt if this is what menswear will look like in the future? He uses the future to his advantage to deliver a show with high-fashion structure in fabric, design, and battle against severe masculinity. That was the shocking opening for his new spring 2014 men's collection. The first model came out in a full one-piece black outfit that resembled a shorter version of an adult onesie. 

Those are Simons' influence, so NEW that a specific name for this designs didn't come to mind. The Simons shirt romper? Simons' can be better known for his fine taste in tailoring, but in this collection everything was about "freedom." His suits were more relaxed, but his pants much more skinnier to give it a special mood with those innovative sneakers. T-shirts were "the new shape of comfort," as one shirt implied. Other florescent embroidered shirts declared why Simons' is one of the best in menswear t-shirts.

There was a variety of compulsive pieces to choose from in this collection. It may just have to be viewed with a separate eye for each design. Raf Simons' menswear collection is one of the most anticipated shows in Paris Men's Fashion Week due to his unique ideas that are only available at his presentation. He introduced us to cheetah prints, floral prints, abstract art, shorts spliced deep in the sides, and much more graphical techniques. At this point of his career he should be proud of himself to say I made that men's shirt romper first. It may take time though for most men to get comfortable in a new type of skin. 

Final Day of Milan Men's Spring 2014 Shows

Day 4 of 4 Milan Men's Fashion Week: Sporty Cool

giorgio armani mens spring 2014 blue suits

Vibe: The Power of Blue.

Giorgio Armani seems to feel blue is the power of masculinity. You can't recall a season you won't see specifically any blue, white, or gray in Armani's menswear collection. Blue was for the most part the center of attraction, because it is the way Armani handles his designs that never makes them dull. Graphic t-shirts were interesting to see in Armani's collection. 

He did in fact squeezed in small amounts of pastel colors, like one washed orange trouser with an impeccable brown laser-cut jacket that looked freshening yet classical for the Armani man. Suits weren't as compelling to see, because it is about the same construction that he delivers each season. One white dress shirt in particular - cut in an asymmetrical form with a stand-up collar (above) - felt new, even though we know assymetry is what Mr. Armani favors. Crocodile duffle bags - in white and dark blue-green - were noteworthy.

dsquared2 mens spring 2014 jungle collection

Vibe: The Jungle Lifestyle.

Dean and Dan are the go to designers for an adventurous journey. That is what Dsquared2 has always been about. In fashion the term "cool" can refer to clothes that have an appealing silhouette that could favor a younger audience. But with Dsquared2 cool is refers to what an actual young teenager would go wild for, begging his parents to give this as his Birthday present. The kid doesn't ask for much. 

The Jungle was the inspiration Dsquared2 took for its men's spring 2014 collection. Baggy jeans, prints of wild jungle animals on jackets, protective boots, and joyful necklaces were just a part of this exciting collection. Their zebra print leather jacket imbued somewhat of a sexier appeal with those olive leather shorts. It was a cool kids dream. Naughty were their printed swim shorts and underwear. Formalwear also had a spice factor they can keenly elevate. A bronze tree branch print suit paired with rich black tailored pants and glossy loafers was a finale that marked the outgoing cool guy Dsquared2 is.

z zegna mens spring 2014 sportswear knits and pants

Vibe: The Sleek Morning Trend. 

Z Zegna is like the brother of the high-class Ermenegildo Zegna, who Stefano Pilati made presence of in its spring 2014 collection. They may be brothers with the same taste of luxury house codes, but a very opposite sense of style. What Stefano Pilati made in high-end relaxed silhouettes, Paul Surridge went with high-end sporstwear silhouettes. 

Surridge changed slim pants for more relaxed silhouettes that had a high silky movement that resembled track pants athletes would wear in a much more refined manner. He shifted from dress shirts to light fabric boxy t-shirts tucked under comfortable high-neck knits that looked sophisticated to say the least. There were also a number of suit "pajamas" that had nice relaxed tailoring to them. It was perhaps the color choices that aided them to feel modern. Surridge did include few pastel colors, like a rich cream bone jacket that wasn't too much for the models hairstyle theme. Thin leather bags, almost paperlike, were appropriate for the collection. In short descriptions, it felt like the closet a man would be fond of dressing as in the morning when those tiresome casualness kick in.  

Milan: Gucci Men's Spring 2014, Roberto Cavalli, and More

Day 3 of 4 Milan Men's Fashion Week: Texture Techniques.

gucci mens spring 2014 floral print shirts and suits

Vibe: Youthful Luxury.

The first model came out in a full floral print t-shirt, matching leggings, and an interesting black backpack. A full astonishing ensemble. The effortless cream setting sent a vintage relaxed feel, and once the first two models walked down the runway, all became instantly clearer. Frida Giannini has recently become mother to a baby girl, who will most likely experience the luxurious life a young Gucci girl should have. Her motherhood experience helped transform the phase of the new Gucci man we witnessed: more youthful, delicate, and athletic.

She replaced all her button-down dress shirts for t-shirts - floral prints, yellow, light brown, blue, red - and easily appealing silk scarfs styled around suits. Too casual? Not at all. She perfectly managed to keep the Gucci guy on luxury territory. One full matching gray floral print suit had a triumphing victory to the the collection. And Gucci being an international label who is best at designing on trend luxury outerwear, utilized its sportswear mood to present a series of exquisite anoraks with various color-blocked leggings done in rich high-tech fabrics. Her other light trench coats and blousons were worth the effort. Giannini stamped yet another obsession to be included in international editorials and magazines very soon.

Diesel Black Gold Men's Spring 2014 jackets

Vibe: Playing with your Biker Jacket.

Diesel Black Gold started off day 3 of Milan Men's fashion week with a great show. Well, maybe not as perfect, but you can't help but try on one of their jackets or denim you know have a clean cool vibe in them. The brand is always looking for new methods to keep their designs updated and desirable in todays competitive market. The presentation opened with a white biker that was finished with an additional cream detailed hem, and slouchy pants (jeans) that is becoming quite a trend over these past few weeks in men's spring 2014 collection. Trending were their floral brushed denim jackets that would have its Diesel guys going wild for them. They added a nice notch to the classical denim top. It was fine to see a black leather t-shirt paired with an appealing semi-stained graphic suit and skinny-slim cropped jeans.

roberto cavalli mens spring 2014 suits

Vibe: The Modern Dandy.

Roberto Cavalli only had 19 looks for its new spring 2014 men's wear collection. But that's more than enough to invest in the entire collection. If you don't favor Roberto Cavalli's work, then there must be something odd in you. The king of subtle prints, who knows how do masculine embroidery superbly well, evidently kept his crown once more. The Cavalli man is one who can be identified for being outgoing, festive, a cool dandy, and knows how to appreciate the feeling of luxury. All were evident in these collection. His embroidered shirts had a very satisfying confidence men wouldn't mind wearing, whilst his silk smooth suits - especially the final one pictured in the middle - were captivating. His outerwear wasn't left behind. A brown embroidered collarless biker jacket in leather and black python sleeves were very gratifying to have come across by. 

canali mens spring 2014 suits

Vibe: A Gentleman's Mermaid.

Canali is a label you can recognize it's suits by its light gray tone of stripes that can help one know who you're wearing. A crisp blue suit, sophisticatedly tailored, were noteworthy of a man who has a sharp taste of style. It was interesting to see Canali go into semi-casual looks that weren't unappealing to see. A light denim suit, pictured above, looked fresh with diminutive polka dot print trousers, a blue-striped shirt, and a white and purple polka dot tie. Mermaid prints in shorts, sweaters, and suits made of nice insets to the newly Canali man. Bolder stripes made an intro as well that . Its trousers were much more interesting to see available come in a strong tailored palette of colors. Canali set a questionable doubt here. Conservative or youthful? Which route did the brand actually take?

belstaff mens spring 2014 outerwear

Vibe: Outerwear Luxe Gear. It's necessary.

Belstaff doesn't make the most desirable outerwear you'd wear for a temporary season. They understand a man is much more adventurous, and wants to feel they've invested in a luxury piece that won't hurt him when he accidentally scratches his newly thousand dollar outwear jacket. That has been Belstaff goals for many years. Making men feel not only protective in their jackets, but trendy. It's new spring 2014 menswear collection had a mixture of vintage and past seasonal collection incorporated back again here: iconic belted coats modernized in colors and details, newly hand-painted camouflage jackets that looked so new to the brand, brilliant orange parkas, and leather ribbed biker jacket. Creative director, Martin Cooper, included only two innovative sweaters - one in orange (pictured above) and light blue - that imbued a high-tech competition to other outwear designers.

emporio armani mens spring 2014

Vibe: Mesh Shirts are In.

There is not much to say about Emporio Armani men's spring 2014 collection. Armani seems it will always stick to its regular house codes no matter what season. But the only thing we appreciate from him is bringing in new shades of colors each season. This season he went for more intense metallic colors the Armani man would enjoy wearing. His graphic t-shirts and shady suits had some good pieces to be inspired by. There were asymmetrical jackets that have become the trademark of the brand. His trousers had a choice of going fitted, slim, or relaxed, which is what most men would appreciate from an Armani pants. Shorts, such as one light gray tailored short above, had a sporstwear aesthetic that were convincing to watch. But his mesh fabric - in suits and shirts - reminded us of who the Armani man was: a fit contemporary city man who has little to fear about who he is.

fendi mens spring 2014 texture t-shirts and jackets

Vibe: Keeping it Cool in the Desert.

Fendi's runway can never be disappointing to experience. We wonder how much sand it took to fill that marvelous runway to looked appealing to to the new men's spring 2014 collection? Fendi demonstrated they don't only know how to play with fur. They too can deliver an exciting collection of bold textures. Innovative t-shirts have become a bigger trend in menswear, but it is the price brands have to battle to get a customer to truly buy that single t-shirt that will have a significance to anything they wear. A plain white t-shirt or a glossy faded illusional Fendi t-shirt? Fendi is the winner. T-shirts were an important part of the collection. 

Texture was crisply noticeable in outwear - cracked glossy leather jackets, ostrich jackets, crinkled shorts, and knitwear sweaters. A splash of colors - burgundy, sunset orange, saffron, blue, and tan - drove the collection much higher. Even though half of Fendi's pieces were oversized ore more relaxed, they couldn't be analyzed harshly; texture aided. Sneakers - graphically painted - were fresh with a relaxed gray suit, larger t-sirt, and matching trousers with hems rolled up. Fendi understand the direction men want to travel in fashion.

etro mens spring 2014 mariachi collection

Vibe: El Mariachi.

Etro can never go out of style with its upgraded paisley shirts. That is the print (paisley) that has been its signature mark ever since. For Spring, Kean Etro seemed to be dedicating an homage to the Mariachi man. Pants - in studded details - resembled the gold side seams a Mariachi pant would come decorated with. Trending were its fitted color-blocked pants - the best in the collection - which reminded one of how the more casual Mariachi pant is, only done in Etro's version. The full collection of pants are sure to be a big hit for the brand next summer, and in international men's magazines. Etro's formalwear also kept the vibe going on with his exquisite embroidery details that made you want to sing a Mexican song with those vibrant sombreros. Overall, what seemed to be a Mariachi interpretation helped Etro be on the map of designers with great influence.

Milan Menswear Spring 2014: Calvin Klein, Prada, and More

Day 2 of 4 Milan Fashion Week: Innovative Designs

bottega veneta mens spring 2014 graphic suits and sweaters

Vibe: Sophisticated Men in Graphic Chalk Marks.

Tomais Maier doesn't need much to describe about his cool sophisticated tailoring that has progressed so rapidly at Bottega Veneta. It seems the brand has turned from being just a young teenager to a man with exquisite taste in luxury. Its spring 2014 men's collection started off fresh and powerful with gray suits - tailored so easily fitted - that shifted into a series of white-chalked outlined suits that portray the detailed craftsmanship that goes into making such a suit. They had an illusion, as if the lapels were really sewn it, that you had to get closer to see it was only a well played tailoring outline trick. His white subtle button down shirts came with black graphic chalk marks that elevated the mood. 

Maier has become well acquainted in designing very gratifying sweaters that have become a trademark to the growing brand. His intense graphic selection of cardigans and sweaters scored high in this collection. While trousers were appearing to be favoring darker shades, his introduction of white and navy windowpane-checked ones were refined at Bottega's codes; sleek, luxurious, and masculine. His other knitted polo shirts and wide-sleeve shirts were special to the man who seeks to invest in an innovative top. There was one shirt who had outline of a what appeared to be the making of a biker jacket printed over it.  The finale of models wearing white suits, felt more relaxed, but that didn't stop Maier from his triumph.

trussardi mens spring 2014 leather shirts and shorts

Vibe: Improved Snake skin and Ostrich Shorts.

There were speculations that designer, Umit Benan, would part away from the famous Trussardi leather goods brand, which he did. So in February, Gaia Trussardi, granddaughter of Dante Trussardi (founder), was appointed as creative director of the entire main line. Who else to do the job and reward them then someone from the family? Gaia is young, but her youthfulness doesn't seem to interfere with her skills, because her debut for Trussardi men's spring 2014 collection was quite a strong one. 

Knitwear pieces had a rugged appeal in colors that seemed to come from the hot desert. By far, her most special items here were her shorts - crafted in leather, ostrich, and snakeskin - that couldn't be allowed to be described as "average." She managed to deliver light touches of earthy leather button-down shirts that could have a potential customer wanting several of them. Her cropped trousers, such as one in a leather snake print, were pleasing in some ways. She also thought about offering options to the client who prefers to wear a luxurious crisp white trouser paired with a super light linen shirt and jacket. One gray tank top done in leather called for next's summer to arrive. Leather or not, the collection had Trussardi's elements.

iceberg mens spring 2014 color-block shirts

Vibe: The Color-block Ongoing Trend.

Iceberg can be mostly identified by its cool color-block designs. Its spring 2014 menswear collection couldn't let go of the brand's signature. Federico Curradi sent another great selection of fresh color-blocking designs. His focus this season seemed to be that of the zippers. There were zippers attached everywhere: across sweaters and jackets, side seams of shirts, hems of fitted trousers, pockets of white and black shorts, and shoulder sleeves of t-shirts. All added a cool factor the the collection. His origami stitched patches of colors on sweaters felt appropriate to wear any season.

salvatore ferragamo mens spring 2014 sportswear

Vibe: The Future of Casual Sportswear.

"Formalwear is imbued with the efficiency and comfort of sportswear," were Massimiliano Giornetti's words towards its new spring 2014 menswear collection for Salvatore Ferragamo. It was in fact noticeable what Giornetti was trying to describe previously. Clothes felt so light. So comfortable infused with a spring of colors - light green, caramel, white, khaki, sky blue, orange, and intense blue - that sent a futuristic silhouette to how athletic guys will dress. The play of numbers stitched in tank tops, sweaters, and coats were that of what a sports guy would feel devoted towards. His shorts were crisp and somewhat casual-formal when brought with effortless colors of suits, whilst trousers had a clean cut with those folded layers between the knee. Ones to watch were Ferragamo's techno anoraks. Gladiator leather-type sandals were that of what the true casual athlete would wear. Salvatore Ferragamo was a collection that understood what sportswear should luxuriously appear like.

calvin klein mens spring 2014 cloud sweater and crocodile vest

Vibe: Technology of the Sky Prints.

Calvin Klein reminded one of how the future of menswear fashion could look like in those intensely blue numbers. It may have been the hairstyle of the first few models that felt we were in another dimension. Italo Zucchelli's spring 2014 menswear collection was about the "celebration of the summer sky, and the simplicity of the summer wardrobe." The sky is blue, and blue was the color that gave life to most of the high-tech collection. Zuchelli has been a long respected designer, who understands clearly the codes of the Calvin Klein aesthetics, but over the time he has made his signature techniques much more visible. He knows how to choose the best sophisticated high-end fabrics, giving it a sharp futuristic tailoring technique that never fails to disappoint. He began with a series of tech blousons and sweaters - cut in mesh - that were paired with fluorescent wool pants that said tough boy. His cloud print sweaters and t-shirts, and two images of sunset, were pleasing to soon wear.  He presented three super authentic crocodile jackets, but one baby blue crocodile vest screamed more luxury than simplicity. The winner is declared.

missoni mens spring 2014 knitwear sweaters

Vibe: The Knitwear World.

Missoni's spring 2014 menswear runway was decorated with huge threads of yarn on each side that reminded us what we were about to experience. Angela Missoni, knows her presentation is never a show without new introductions of fresh knitwear cardigans and sweaters. These are knits you really have to get close to appreciate each and every detail of how the threads of fabric are mixed to understand its luxurious price tag. They do have a very different feel compared to an average knitted one, which is why Missoni is the best at delivering its trendy pieces of knitwear. Button down shirts hand painted in brushes of blue, brown, and red had an interesting effect to them. Suits - made in Missoni's signature print - were refreshening ones, while a new blue checkered suit paired with a navy t-shirt were youthful and energetic as the Missoni brand projects.

prada mens spring 2014 tropical shirts and jackets

Vibe: A Quirky-Cool Tropical Vacation.

Leave it up to Miuccia Prada to make your vacation the most interesting of all. It takes time to adjust to the lifestyle Prada prefers to be: ugly-chic. But it is that ugliness that magically turns into a beautiful piece of art that has made the brand so successful over the years. It wasn't too difficult to fall in love with these collection if you're a huge Prada fan. 

The show began with a tropical print silk shirt paired with a soft tailoring suit and trousers. Most of her suits had a very relaxed silhouette, but her silk numbers - blousons, tropical shirts, and vibrant shorts - had a dominating factor you had to go back again to enjoy. It was as if Miuccia was describing the liberation of man who seeks to advance to the next level of fashion with full confidence. A salmon print blouson with a semi-drawing of a woman had a seductive power. Prada's knitwear pieces - cut in a smaller size - came in various phases of nature scenes that went from a joyful mood to a calm satisfying state of mind. Models were sprayed with water to give the show a hot summery season made with love.  The atmosphere was everything to give Miuccia Prada a huge applause for her new innovative trend towards menswear fashion. 

Versace Men's Spring 2014 Athletic Movement

versace mens spring 2014 suits

"Athleticism, idealism, discipline, and freedom rule." Those were Versace's description for its spring 2014 menswear collection. It wasn't difficult to search for these terms here when given Versace's dictionary. Donatella Versace sent a parade of well built models to center around her theme: the life of a compassionate and devoted athlete in the world of sports. It's just that in Versace's world, everything is done with more exposure and somewhat sexier etiquettes.

Her suits - given a tough disciplinary tailoring - may have been surprisingly classic (simple) for the Versace customer. She gave a sporty silhouette to her suits and trousers - relaxed in a lower waist and finished with ribbed cuffs - that made it ideal for her athletes to go from the gym to an important event. There were a variety of options to choose from: single or double breasted, one or two buttons, silk, denim or leather suits, waist belt suits, and striking prints that came with the words "Versace" printed all over and another one in sports training figures. Dress shirts came in standard versions of white with a gold medusa button at top, to a very revealing see-thru lace number.

versace mens spring 2014 graphic print pants

There were only five different looks of shorts in these collection that were quite pleasing. She presented three suits with tailored shorts, and one faded blue short with a bright blue sleeveless shirt. But what took the best prize here was a hot light green suede short paired with the same colored jacket. It was either the perfect color and details of these short or the model who wore it covered with fluorescent tape  around his legs that made them so desirable. 

Freedom wore her number of graphic art pants, shirts, and jackets that are sure to be a big hit next summer. It seems Donatella Versace knew we would be fond of her fluorescent oversized tape, which could turn into a DIY project, that her cashmere sweaters - attached with a black leather star and a gold medusa - were gratifying insets. A series of leather bags decorated with leather stars and black medusa studs spoke for themselves who you're wearing. 

versace mens spring 2014 leather biker jackets

A collection without leather in Versace, regardless what season were in, wouldn't be a Versace show. Her motor jackets were crafted with great triumph. It is probably the details of its medusa zippers that elevated the spice. There still remained "classical" gold studded biker jackets that sent a message of getting comfortable and purchasing one before they're gone. 

Leather trousers had a light clean cut that felt comfortable and breathable to wear. One python suit matched with python trousers finished in ribbed cuffs may have not looked light, but it proved Versace knows how to handle leather with ease. As far as casualness goes, a colored medusa print shirt with black detailed pants, and open toed sandals, had nothing too casual. 

Dolce and Gabbana Men's Spring 2014 Greece Influence

Dolce and Gabbana spring 2014 greece printed shirts

It's been quite a week for designers, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana. First came their tailoring presentation and opening store in London, then came the court battle, and finally we were honored to experience such a beautiful collection of extraordinary scenes of Greece meets Italian craftsmanship. There was a resemblance going on in this runway just like a battle that was going on in real life. Zeus vs. Apollo. Which greek god would you go towards? It is only these designers who make choosing a printed shirt so difficult to decide. There was a scenery in every piece that  you could think of - shirts, jackets, suits, shorts, and trousers - that added a soothing atmosphere to their looks with their relaxed silhouette. Once again, professional male models should most likely be forgetting to walk on this prestigious runway, because Sicilian men seem to be sticking with the brand. And even though some may have been disappointed, we appreciated reuniting with their Sicilian models. It is perhaps that we know they're not professionals, and their heights, that makes us feel were receiving a warm welcome from the brand.

Dolce and Gabbana spring 2014 colored suits

It's going to be more than three seasons, and Dolce & Gabbana have found their strongest roots for the brand. Any guesses? Yes, their Sicilian inspired heritage. There were still some inset of maps of our now beloved Sicily in shorts and long sleeve shirts that were incorporated back in their spring 2014 collection. It's become a habit ever since. And to recap, their new Greek designs actually were part of their Sicilian mythology beliefs. 
Suits were no where loose like in previous collections. They were the contrary. A sharp tailoring that almost looked too perfect to be true. And they came in a masculine number of colors - light gold, dark brown, dark green, cherry red, baby blue, cream, plum, bronze, black, and white - in some choices of either single or double breasted looks. Skinny pants here looked formal when paired with these luxurious confident suits. Other colored pants were fitted and cut at appropriate lengths. A particular dress shirt, such as a black shirt pictured, caught a special attention with oversized buttons. Some suits printed with the image of the Greek god, Apollo, were pleasing to watch as well.

Dolce and Gabbana spring 2014 knits

After their court rule, there were speculations that Dolce & Gabbana would present a series of stripe designs in their spring collection. The rumors weren't false after all. Stripes - in duller shades - were present in suit ensembles, shorts, and other shirts. And speaking of shorts, their somewhat fitted short shorts had a nice appeal to them with various printed scenes. They would make a great combo with a simple t-shirt, or why not, without one if you have the body to show it. Their knitwear pieces - one in blue and purple - were no doubt fresh and tough to say the least. Accessories - sandals, dress shoes, belts, and bags - described the whole triumphing story.

Milan Menswear Spring 2014: Jil Sander, Ermenegildo Zegna, and More

Day 1 of 4 Milan Fashion Week: Relaxed Silhouettes

corneliani spring 2014 mens suits and knits

Vibe: Riviera Knits

Corneliani opened its menswear show with a bright sunny morning. The sun shined, but Sergio Corneliani's spring 2014 collection lacked some sparkle. His first look came in a cream high-collared jacket/suit that seemed a bit outdated. There was something missing in his jackets that brought the collection down some points. It was maybe perhaps the poor color choices and simplicity of his designs that didn't help bring back memories of these pieces unless we were to look back at the collection again.  

But not all was lost in this collection. His cotton knitted sweaters - woven with a mixture of youthful colors - were one of the best from Corneliani; fresh when paired with slim fitted pants. Another hit here were two specific suits - one in pale pink and the other in blue-gray - that elevated the mood to a cool trip to the riviera with leather sandals. Overall, his tailoring and textural skills saved most of the collection from drowning. And we need those knitted numbers ASAP. 

ermenegildo zegna spring 2014 couture jackets

Vibe: The Haute Couture Gentleman

Ever imagined how haute couture would look for a man? We already know Ermenegildo Zegna is a label that takes menswear luxury to a whole another level. It's Fall 2013 menswear collection just showed how much power they have over the luxury market: mink and deer skin jackets; the best silk and velvet suits. Stefano Pilati, ex-designer of Yves Saint Laurent, recently became the new creative director of the label. His spring 2014 menswear debut went on a very high-end couture route, but before judging it is crucial to keep in mind that the price tag for these collection will probably be way above the average Zegna customer who loves to purchase an exquisite item each year.

Pilati went for a more relaxed silhouette without forgetting to let go of the term "luxury," which was obvious in this collection. He specifically played around with a number of suits - paired with the same fabric, but adding a jacquard pattern to his pants that made them much more delicate. His blousons and shorts - rich in color - vamped up the Zegna gentleman. Safari jackets, oversized and lean coats, foulards tucked inside lapels, and trompe de l'oeil sleeves rolled up, were all the returning signature of Mr. Pilati.

costume national spring 2014 collection

Vibe: Parisian Streetstyle guys

Costume National tends to be the brand who can do the French casual of streetstyle pretty well. A white number ensemble with a loose shirt, intricate hat, and white boots with black belt buckles had a cool appeal to the whole look. Being easy and fly is probably the road the Costume National man prefers to take. One model wore a khaki trenchcoat with a long black/white tank top, slim black pants, and black boots. Total fresh appeal for the guy who is looking for something to be photographed by streetstyle photographers. Another shiny gold suit spoke of the man who is outspoken, but seemed a little too much for the Costume National customer. One thing we've learned from the brand is that extremely French casual is all in the details.

jil sander spring 2014 mens glossy suits

Vibe: Skater Boys Gone to Fashion Week

It's going to be three seasons since Mrs. Sander's has taken over her own namesake label. She perfectly has kept her title reigning as the "Queen of Clean," making the most minimal of things stand out. Minimal is something extremely hard to achieve in fashion, but Jil Sanders has never had a problem hypnotizing us with her designs. Yes, the looks may be somewhat too simple, but that's what minimal is, and Sander's seems to have add a magic potion to her designs that attract us what so ever. Her spring 2014 menswear collection was yet another additional reigning point to her title.

Her slim-fitted pants - trimmed shortly above the ankle with oversized cuffs - were razor sharp clean. She added some glossy suits that would look perfect in her style or with any other look. Light patterned cardigans were brushed perfectly to keep things minimal. Oversized shorts - in neutral colors and prints with exaggerated cuffs - were interesting to watch. The most surprising of all were her print ensembles, which at one point created doubt. But if you thought about separating them, and incorporating only one of the suits or pants with another one of your own outfits, they would be the perfect execution. Seems Jil Sander didn't loose her crown after all.

les hommes spring 2014 leather suits

Vibe: Leather Bondage

Les Hommes (The Men) played a fair game at is spring 2014 menswear collection. If in anything you should be familiar with this brand, it should be their suits - trendy with its slim silhouettes, well crafted, and luxurious. Leather played an important factor in this collection. Their color-blocked leather shirts looked casually luxurious when layered under suits. Liked it or not, it was somehow doubtful to give the answer. And if these particular looks were questionable, their suits were no doubt the star of the night. The manner in which one suit was designed in leather sleeves was a favorite to have tried on. The structure and design in which most of the suits were made called for an evening celebration. Why? Because you want to be the well dressed gentleman of the night. Some prints - especially in suits - were pleasing to have seen.

neil barrett spring 2014 leather pattern jackets

Vibe: The Guy in the Coolest Jacket

What Neil Barrett didn't do so good from the waist down, he did from the waist up. His spring 2014 menswear collection of outerwear was everything here. Leather jackets - in special patterns, stripes, and checker boards - were a must have for any season. Sure, its a spring collection, but Mr. Barrett's jacket said something else: your next most timeless piece of outerwear you should invest in. His other sweaters and knits were one's to also pile in your wardrobe. The design themselves had a youthful yet tough structure to them. As far as mastering goes, he excels in outerwear.

Tom Ford's Fall 2013 Sexy Print Campaign

tom ford print dresses

Tom Ford is one of those few designers who whether you like him or not, you can't deny he knows how to work the luxury market sexually well. Most of us may not be as overly familiar with his collections, because he manages to keep them very private for the most part......until now. 

Not so long ago he decided to bring back his eponymous line to the runway last February, during London Fashion Week. And what a way to reunite again with the catwalk. It was one of the most anticipated collections of London, and well worth it. His fall 2013 collection bombarded us with all these wild prints - Ka-Pow! In your face. 

There were definitely much to choose from here - cheetah print jackets with fur lining, leather kinky boots, sexy embroidered tops and bottoms, color-block cut skirts in suede, lusty zebra print heels, and more Ka-Pow! trimmed jackets. Evening or daywear, Mr. Ford knows very well who his client is: a woman who wants high luxury made sexy. What do you think?

tom ford zebra print heels

tom ford suede print skirts

tom ford fur print jackets

tom ford handbags and leather boots

tom ford cheetah print jacket with fur lining

London Collection: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Relaxed Colors

burberry prorsum spring 2014 mens colored coats
Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Coats and sweaters

Christopher Bailey, creative officer of Burberry, gave us quite a surprise at his Burberry presentation Tuesday morning. London Menswear Fashion Week consisted of only three days worth of great innovative designers, but it wouldn't have felt enjoyable to finish one's final morning in London without such an artful collection like Burberry's. The transition from the Milan menswear calendar to London's may have played a factor in Bailey's theme, but no, it only moved the presentation to a much earlier date. Bailey knows how to influence the menswear market keenly well. The number of male celebrities, bloggers, and street stylists who have become a loyal customer to the brand fill the gap for the rest of us who want a piece of that ultra cool trenchcoat. Semi-length shirts brought a cool vibe in pleated numbers that resembled tuxedo shirts.

What was surprising (and new) here in Burberry's spring/summer 2014 menswear collection, was the route he took in his tailoring skills - relaxed and comfortably easy to combine. Burberry is better known for their sartorial trench coats, but his spring selection of cashmere colored numbers felt looser in fit. The opening look in a soft camel coat was one to add in your next's wish list - relaxed, special, and rich in color and texture. Knitted sweaters were unique themselves - cut lower in shape and design - with a pleasing palette of colors.

Burberry mens spring 2014 polka dot shirts
Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 menswear polka dot shirts and layering

Polka dots also became a not so surprising subtler print in Burberry's runway. Bailey has done an extraordinarily job in keeping the Burberry man on top of the trend. We can still recall his first spring 2013 introduction in aluminum metallic colors that became a mega streetstyle hit, and we can't forget about his fall 2013 cheetah and heart prints that will be available soon to purchase. But because of his two successful seasons in various risky prints and colors, we were expecting another potential surprise. All the contrary, prints were perhaps too relaxed for the Burberry man, but acceptable enough to look dapper in your dotted shirt or scarf paired with a comfortable suit in a striped tie, and vibrant colored suede boat shoes. The most confidence of all was most likely Bailey's spring polka dot sunglasses, because as far as bags go, they were razor sharp light.

The strategy of Bailey's layering techniques will most likely be one to began adopting now. He took some semi-formal looks and layered them in linen tank tops finished with what appeared to be shirt jackets. Simply easy to grasp.

Burberry mens spring 2014 colored sweaters and hoodies
Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear hoodies and sweaters

Knitted sweater and hoodies made your average one's appear so boring. The design of a navy, cashmere hoodie cardigan was a must have. A soft yellow hoodie sent a cool casual vibe to the look - just the way British man do it. Sweaters done opposite - in a rib cage collar and seamless hem - were satisfying to watch.

Burberry mens spring 2014 floral print shirts and outerwear
Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear floral print shirts and cagoules.

Not having added a single floral print look could have made the Burberry customer upsetting. Thankfully, Bailey got the memo and added two looks - one in red and green - to his presentation. And finalizing his collection in several youthful colored cagoules - red, green, mustard, and blue - gave Bailey once again another triumph. He incorporated only one checked navy coat that could have made Prada's light blue-checked trench coat seem unappealing. 

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Men's London Spring/Summer 2014| Rag & Bone Men's Clean Cuts

Day 2 of London Collection: Men's Best Spring/Summer 2014

rag and bone mens spring 2014 shirts

Vibe: Guy Lookin Fly
Rag & Bone is better known for mixing its American sportswear vibe with its English tailoring roots. One couldn't have thought both sides could turn out to give the brand that clean, fresh, and urban-ish appeal we like to see designers, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville perform. They've been nominated several times as best Menswear designers of the year, and the structural detailed designs like their most recent spring 2014 collection explains everything. They know how to cut a pair a jeans perfectly well, as well as making a pair of pants the most unique of them all. Their white relaxed pants were one to pay close attention at all details. Special were the ones with a small black button in the bottom end of the crotch area, or an extra pocket lowered down along the legs. What were really sharply man tailored were their shorts - great to pair with a favorite blazer, jacket, or t-shirt in any occasion that calls for them. The best numbers here we'd have to say were their crisp white, gray, and dark navy shirt jackets. Three nice pieces - short, jacket, and shirt - in floral prints also made an entrance.

richard james spring 2014 colorful suits

Vibe: Fluorescent Tailored Gentlemen
Sleek silhouettes are what best describe Sir Richard James designs when it comes to menswear tailoring. But what the others do in craftsmanship and design, he does it color, something that doesn't come to mind quite often when he says his a Savile Row tailor. If you have not already figured it out, you may have already seen this designer favors using his talent to give his clothes a much different spin on sartorial looks. Take for example his special espadrilles designs - flower stamped. Speaking about special, one specific polo shirt - pink fading into a lighter see-thru purple - was a shirt to be admired by. Being Sir James part of the Savile Row town, his hot orange, sky blue, and white trousers were unsurprisingly cut well. One thing we know for sure is that sartorial and color can make any men much more happier like Sir Richard James spring/summer 2014 collection.

christopher kane mens spring 2014 3d shirts

Vibe: The Boy in the 3D Face Diagram
Christopher Kane can be quirky with some of his designs, but you can't deny you want to try on all his ultra cool t-shirts. Kane's spring/summer 2014 men's print collection was no exception to let go of. He made frankenstein popular, and now it may be 3D diagram man's turn to test popularity. A fluorescent yellow 3D diagram sweater spoke for itself. His black pants seemed to be cut well, and as far as white goes, he made this color much more cooler in these prints. Perhaps this particular white 3D ensemble could become a hot streestyle trend in menswear. Overall, Kane seems to be making his quirky cool prints a signature of the house become beloved by many.