Hermes Luxurious Crocodile T-Shirt

hermes crocodile mens summer t-shirt
Hermes Crocodile T-Shirt (Spring/Summer 2013) that retails for $91,500

Hermes has been in the center of attention lately for its upmost ridiculous t-shirt retail price. This crocodile t-shirt above retails for $91,500. No, I did not make a typo. If you were to buy this t-shirt (I wonder who would), you would be paying around $8,000 simply in taxes. Seriously? This could pay for a good college education, a car, or a moderate home. In the South I could purchase a good luxurious home.

Whoever were to buy this item I'd believe it would be only for the sole purpose of showing off how much money they have. You know I'm a freak when it comes to designer clothes, but this t-shirt in particular I don't know. I recently came across a Burberry crocodile trenchcoat that retailed around this particular Hermes price tag. I know Hermes is well known for its luxurious couture craftsmanships, such as its Birkin Bags which begin at a retail price of $10,000 and above, but sometimes luxury can exceed its standard limits. 

In general, if I even had thousands of dollars, I would never agree upon purchasing this t-shirt. There are so many more things one would be able to do with this amount. I love Hermes though. Who wouldn't?

Would you buy this t-shirt if you had all the money in the world?


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