Raf Simons X Fred Perry

Raf Simons x Fred Perry - One of the best menswear collaborations
From left to right: Short sleeve panel shirt, V-neck houndstooth sweater, and Knitted jacquard shirt.

It has been no secret how big of a fan I�ve been for Raf Simons. His position as new creative director for Christian Dior brought him more prestige than what he already was when at Jil Sander. Menswear has been no difference for this designer. Everything he designs is meant to be a trend setter for the men seeking to look �fashionable.� It is only for him where I can state his collections are truly on the fashion spot for men. They never fall in the side where something can look sort of bizarre for a man. You know what I mean. 

For spring, well renowned menswear brand, Fred Perry took the time to include a collaboration collection with Raf Simons. If you have not seen the collection then you must go see it. I guarantee there will be something for you to get your hands on. This is what I love about Simons. I don�t know how he does it, but he always manages to make a colorful patterned sweater or a cheetah print shirt appear so masculine. The three looks above are just some of the clothes I truly like. I honestly want to get the third look from the right (blue-green knitted jacquard shirt). It�s a must have for spring.

Do you like this collection of Raf Simons x Fred Perry?


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