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Prada Wing-Tip and Kiltie Shoe Styles. What else do you want with these shoes?

For men, purchasing a great pair of shoes is equally as important as choosing the perfect suit (more about it soon). I always say, if you're not so much into suits, then you better be into shoes if you want to look stylish. There are people who will practically look at me like I'm a crazy bitch for purchasing such expensive shoes. The truth is, what you pay for it is what you get for it. 

When buying shoes, don't purchase them at first sight. Think about it. What can I style these shoes with? Will they look good with shorts, pants, a t-shirt? Especially when you're about to make a very huge purchase, such as these Prada shoes, which retail around $1,000. 

I know, the price may be superbly high for the majority of us. But wait, don't forget the semi-annual sales that occur every once in a while. This is the time to attack and get your hands on one of these beauties. There are so many sites that offer great styles of shoes to wear - Aldo, Zara, Cole Haan - at reasonable prices. 

When I buy shoes, there is one key thought I always bring to mind - If it looks great with a t-shirt, then it must look perfect with anything else. For example, the two Prada shoes above, all you need is a pair of jeans, white t-shirt, and a biker jacket. That's all it requires to be the most stylish guy in town; simple and no stress. Next time take a look at some of the street style outfits photographers shoot. What makes those guys stand out in a t-shirt? Simple, the shoes.

Oh, and by the way, Wing-Tips and Kilties are major this season in menswear. A little touch of color in the soles can add a little magic to your outfit. Casual or formal, you decide.


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