The Final Hours of Paris Fashion Week

The last day of a month full of Fashion Week was finally over. What a way to have begun the final hours with Louis Vuitton, following Miu Miu, and ending it relaxed with Elie Saab. You couldn't have asked for more.

Vibe: A romantic intimacy.
Results: This was by far the most romantic theme Marc Jacobs could portray for Louis Vuitton. Pajamas. It was all about those silky daywear numbers he opted to present. Who wouldn�t want to wake up like this in their LV pajamas and still look as gorgeous as a dress would imply? I know for most women this is their dream come true. No more dealing with the daily struggle of what to wear. Coats definitely were a plus. The manner in which colors sort of faded from each other was femininity to the max. And for the suits as the one above, Jacobs basically said, forget those pants, just make it your dress. I don�t know if that was romantic or lusty. What do you think?

Vibe: Star Trek gone sexy.
Results: Miu Miu (derived from Miuccia Prada�s nickname) has become one of the most sought out brands in fashion. It�s no surprise why this brand has had some of the honors of being one the of the second to last shows to close Paris Fashion Week, and to add, close a month full of Fashion Week. Ms. Prada has made it clear about the differences between Prada and Miu Miu. To summarize it, Prada is all about being playful and feminine, but Miu Miu � she�s the chic, fashion-forward, and lusty one. Those neckerchiefs provoked something mysterious hidden in her. The setting appeared futuristic, which gave the clothes that perfect atmosphere. Pink polka dot coats screamed femininity in a lustful style. Shoes became the future of the new sexy footwear. I mean, as usual, Miu Miu taught us some fashion tips to expect to be wearing in the future. Some of you may know that Star Trek will be out soon. I don�t know why, but the movie comes to mind when I view the collection. I can already imagine the women fighting with these clothes on. 

Vibe: Office evening
Results: Elie Saab has been in charge of closing a month full of Fashion Week. I believe it does feel adequate to close Fashion Week with a collection that feels relaxed and pleasant for many. This is what Elie Saab delivered in his presentation. I would have to state I view his collection more commercially than anything else. Now, his Haute Couture is another story. He is a talented man, but for a collection, I felt it was a little too resort or pre-fall to say the least. I hope you agree with me that the clothes were quite relaxed and lovely to watch. Colors � navy, purple, black, yellow, and white � were a hit target for many women. Southern women would definitely fall in love with the collection. If anything Elie Saab knows how to make beautifully, it would be lace embroidery. You have got to love them.


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