Derek Lam for Kohl's Spring Designer Collection

Derek Lam for Kohl's Spring Collection
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Today in the morning when I woke up, a specific Kohl's commercial shocked me. At first, I saw Derek Lam appear in the commercial. I was confused, as for I thought it was a commercial for his luxurious resort 2013 collection. That couldn't be possible, because I've never seen a luxury designer campaign on national television. Have you seen one? 

All of a sudden, I couldn't believe it was a commercial promoting Kohl's next designer collaboration. It was Derek Lam's turn to collaborate with this mega retailer. Where was I that I never heard of this news? Maybe I did hear about, but forgot after a while. 

I can't stress enough how Kohl's has been doing extraordinarily well choosing which designers to collaborate with. I remember Narcisco Rodriguez being one of the chosen to design such a feminine yet casual collection for the everyday woman. Now Derek Lam is next in line. 

If you view the collection and are familiar with Derek's design perspectives, then you must agree this is pure Derek Lam gone affordable. We know how much his original collections can cost you - a couple thousands of dollars for a dress, top, or skirt. Well, now you don't have to spend so much if you don't carry the necessary amount needed to purchase one of his beautiful pieces. The prices for his limited collection for Kohl's range from a $36 tank to an $88 jumpsuit. How about that for the price? Girls, you can even purchase an amazing color block sheath dress for only $60

This will be another collection should run out very soon for all you designer freaks who are out there searching for great bargains. Again, you can't deny the collection feels like Derek Lam designed it and not someone else who put his name in the collaboration. 

As far as other designer collaborations go - Target and H&M - Kohl's has demonstrated they too can make a great collaboration team. The collections just keep getting good. It may be a little too soon to think about this, but I wonder who else they have in mind for the next collections. There is one thing I do wish one of this retailers would do, besides H&M - offer a men's designer collection. That would just be great.

What designer would you like to see next at Kohl's?

Derek Lam Spring 2013
Derek Lam's Spring 2013 original designer collection

If you'd like to shop Derek Lam's second look - cotton macram� top ($1,850) - click here.


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