GSR X Belstaff - A Collaboration Worth Your Investment

GSR X Belstaff Collection
A tartan motorcycle jacket from GSR X Belstaff men's collection.

Belstaff is literally one of the best British luxury brands that exists. Very rarely are there brands that manage to succeed based on their iconic pieces. A Belstaff belted jacket is just as iconic as a Chanel tweed jacket would be. What makes a Belstaff jacket a favorite among many is not just it's quality, but it's wearability. 

Belstaff knows how to sell to the man who does not only look for something to stay warm and dapper, but  also seeks for the jacket that fits their lifestyle. Most of their outerwear pieces pertain particularly to the man who is quite adventurous - motorcycle riding, hiking, camping, etc. Their jackets are of superb quality that can be resistant to tearing, are waterproof, have built-in protection (shoulders, elbows, and back), are comfortable, and breathable without suffocating yourself. And much more included in a single jacket. What more can a man ask for? I call this a man's best investment of his fashion life.

I must say I feel Belstaff markets to the young adult in their late 20s. Not that this means anything, but the reason I state this is because the GSR (Goodwood Sports & Racing) X Belstaff collection totally appeals to a more younger audience - fresh, adventurous, and spirited. Their is definitely a great amount of Belstaff heritage injected into this collection though, but in a much more cooler version.

Details here are stunning, which speaks a lot for such a supposed collaboration. This appears more of collection that should carry on soon to a second round. In other words, the heritage sportswear british brand of GSR, and the lifestyle habits of Belstaff collide in one of the best menswear collaborations that I have ever seen personally.

GSR X Belstaff Collection
Dark brown belted motorcycle jacket and blue jacket from GSR X Belstaff collection.

The tartan motorcycle jacket, dark brown belted jacket, and the details in the rubberized blue jacket are impeccably wearable for any occasion. It doesn't matter if it's day or night, zipped or unzipped, either way would work fine. At the end, isn't this what every man wants? Not have to worry which way pleases the best.

GSR X Belstaff Collection
Casualwear polos, shirts, and t-shirts from the GSR X Belstaff men's collection.

Besides their great jackets, casualwear here should be of great interest. I love the effect that the tartan button down shirt and the oat printed jersey shirt offer. The knitted, diamond-shaped patterned polo shirt should be one to have a look at for it definitely does not appear like your average polo you may have in your closet. Normally, I am not crazy towards white t-shirts, but this t-shirt obviously does not seem to be like the one you would use for your sleepwear. For $195, somehow sounds convincing. 

Which coat or jacket would you love to wear?