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Krink x Coach Menswear Collection
Krink X Coach collection now available at Coach online

Coach has grown to be one of the best sought after accessories not only for women, but for men as well. I always have this doubt to wear a "portfolio," which for many men they see as a clutch they would rather not carry for certain circumstances. They would rather not wear a tote either to avoid looking odd, even if they are carrying a huge load of crap in their hands. You know you want one secretly, but you don't want others to take away your masculinity. 

Recently, Coach came out with one the best menswear accessory pieces in my opinion. They collaborated with Krink, one of the world's greatest art supply brand, whose streetstyle graffiti ink has taken them to collaborate with many amazing brands. 

This season it was time to aid Coach in designing 12 exclusive pieces for men which are sure to run out of stock very soon. The designs are just manly sick. These are the type of totes or "portfolios" I would definitely be comfortable wearing. You know I live in the South where most men are quite conservative; even the young adults. I feel Coach came out with a design piece that could be adequate for most men; not feminine, nor too fashionable. They added just the right elements I would be excited to purchase. 

I honestly don't have a specific favorite piece, because all of them are dead on stunning. Coach hit a great menswear fanatic target here. Whether you are a fashionable/stylish guy or not, you know their is something here for you to get. Why not go ahead and grab that tote you were not seeking forward to getting once? Or, you could get yourself the Krink iPad sleeve to make it stand out from the others. What ever you get, I guarantee you made the perfect choice. Thanks Coach.

Which is your favorite accessories piece from Coach?

Krink x Coach Menswear Collection
Krink X Coach collection now available at Coach online. Shop the accessories here.


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