Dior's Cruise 2014 Sensual Freedom

Raf Simons seems to really be making a dramatic triumph at Christian Dior. His couture collections have been selling like pancakes � take in mind one couture dress can cost you more than $80,000 � and his two most recent ready-to-wear collections have been another huge success. I believe most of this had to do with his decision to reinvent the House of Dior by taking Monsieur Christian Dior�s past work and interpreting it in today�s modern world. John Galliano did a great job with his Edwardian inspired looks Christian Dior himself was very fond of in his designs. But in today�s society, everyone moves fast, leaving the past as a simple memory. We want to be shocked. And this is exactly what Raf Simons is doing � taking the past to a whole new era of minimalistic beauty, and surprising us each season with more designs we don�t know if we should rewind or forward.

Simons� talent is no doubt a designer with special attributes. There are only few designers in history who have changed the phase of a brand. Tom Ford became a well-respected designer for making Gucci into an international luxurious beast anyone wants a piece of today. I see Raf Simons molding Dior into a much larger empire than it already is now. There are people who still criticize the new Dior as dead and ugly. My opinion would be to open your mouth unless you have tried the dress, for each piece is a magical work of art. If you ever get the chance to see Simons� new collection, take a closer look at the details and craftsmanship. You�ll see the Dior we�ve all been waiting for.

Dior Cruise 2014 - Sheer Dresses - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

As you may tell, I have become a huge Dior fan after Raf Simons took over. I had been a fan when he was at Jil Sander and have always been fond of his menswear collections. I guess its Simons himself who I�m actually keeping up with. 

For Dior�s Cruise (Resort) 2014 Collection, Monaco gave Simons the honor of presenting his first Cruise collection for the brand. What did I think about the new cruise collection? A total shocker. Simons brought out a more sensual side to the Dior woman. This is what a special cruise collection should be about � freedom, femininity, luxury, and seduction. All was available here.

His interpretation of the various sheer dresses had somewhat an architectural form as I like to refer to. These dresses are simply made for the luxury customers who appreciate detail in the best of ways. It is those small brushes of details that make a treasure much more valuable. And I loved the effect of a little see-thru moment; heats things up.

Dior Cruise 2014 - Bar Jackets - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

If anything you should be familiar with Dior, it should be its famous bar jackets � smaller at the waist, wider at the hips � that make any women love her curves.  He added vivid colors � blue and red � and prints, which modernized the original suit silhouette with slimmer versions of pants. Another surprise I got from Simons was his unique taste for lace. He made sure his cropped lace tops looked tough sporty without appearing too girlish as one is used to seeing. What I loved about these tops is that they didn�t resemble the average fabric (lace) design one is used to viewing. If seen closer, they look as if they had been a special order for Dior. The material felt tougher with luxury. 

Dior Cruise 2014 - Couture Cropped Tops - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

I wonder what kind of woman wouldn�t mind wearing Dior�s cropped tops. You could tell right away these silk tops screamed luxury. But more than luxury, they felt couture. The colorblock, couture effect, and embroidered tops could become the next big trend to wear soon���couture cropped tops. 

 Dior Cruise 2014 - Zipper Dresses - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

By far, Simons� most sensual designs were his zipper dresses, which came with two sides to close from. But more than the silk bras and undies model wore, these dresses were the most erotic part of Dior. The flow of the silk fabric made everything move with much more freedom.  It is up to the woman who wears them to decide how much closure she wants to go to. Simons only made the beginning of a summer relationship more intense. How far would you be willing to go?

Dior Cruise 2014 - Dior Luxurious Dresses - Runway to Style Freaks Fashion Blog

With the construction and patchwork of these vibrant colored dresses, the question is which will Jennifer Lawrence soon be wearing? This is what has made Simons� dresses more demanded by many celebrities. His choice of colors he designs with transmits a serenity, classic, and modern femininity to the Dior Lady. In short terms, they're the colors of luxury and minimalism. 

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