If Only My Teacher Were This Fashionable

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher at the gym in Alexander Wang Spring 2013

From time to time, I always like to take a look at some of the new editorials that various international magazines tell about in their monthly issues. When you stare at each page of an editorial for more than ten minutes and imagine yourself in that story, then you know the magazine did an excellent job.

Elle Mexico's (yes!) April issue came up with a steamy story titled, Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone, that portrays a very luxurious teacher who apparently doesn't follow dress code rules. If you look at the pictures, the model (teacher) does an excellent job being the center of attraction. Each piece is a beauty that can only be a dream for most people. 

If you're really into fashion, you have to agree you would drool over your favorite teacher if she ever dressed this way. I know I would stop by every day and talk to her just to see who is she wearing. Wouldn't you?

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Burberry Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Fendi Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher in Bottega Veneta Spring 2013

Now, if you know of any teacher who really dresses in this high-end designer dresses in real life, I'd like to see. It doesn't hurt to wear one designer piece a month, but each and every day of the week? I'd be very suspicious about that. How in the heck can she afford to look so good and luxurious with such check? I'd love to know the secret.

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue
Teacher at the hallway in Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013

Elle Mexico April 2013 issue - Prada
Teacher at the band classroom in Prada Spring 2013

Teacher at the playground in Chanel Spring 2013

I have to say the most memorable one has to be the teacher in Prada. Prada did such a beautiful collection this season that was so breathtaking. There were some that said the clothes were ugly on the runway, but when they saw them styled differently, they fell in love with it. Only Miuccia Prada can play with our minds.

Which one of these photos is your favorite of all? Do you see any teacher of yours wearing this?


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