Let The Skirt Do The Talking

Dolce and Gabbana $13,000 mini skirt
This Dolce & Gabbana crystal-embellished mini skirt can do all the talking you want it create. More than gossip, it speaks money.

Many of us are often out there on the hunt for the best deals in fashion, whether it be online or in stores. Some people can get desperate and rather purchase it at full retail price with the fear of not being able to get what they wanted in the future. The question is how much are we willing to wait to be the first to catch that amazing item we know we could have waited for a little bit more? 

I have always been a believer that what's meant to be yours will wait for your all season (or year) long no matter what. If those shoes you were dying to get were gone, chances are they weren't meant for you. Sorry, maybe you'll have luck with something else next time. 

Getting a real luxury designer item is like the stock market - you've got to choose right and risk it to look good. When I describe real luxury I am not referring to a $4,000 Gucci dress, but to those average types of garments (not dresses) that can be worth about half of your college tuition - for example, the original retail price of the $13,760 Dolce & Gabbana mini skirt above. It can be shocking just how much the value of a skirt can rise. I often ask myself, I know details are what drives the value of something so high, but are their really people out there who would do anything to purchase such a beautiful skirt which we know you'd probably wear it only once? Maybe the answer is yes, the richest people who don't have a problem with this type of prices.

Most retail have mega sales each season to stock up their next season orders. I had already seen the price of this particular skirt before, but when I came across the online retailer The Outnet, who offer great savings, I came across the skirt again. And guess what, it was on sale for 75% off. Even though the percent was cut off quite high, its price - $3,440 - could seem like a mega deal, or not, to those who like to collect treasures as I always like to say. 

One thing I would like to point out is that this specific skirt comes from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2012 collection. I was left with the curiosity to know how long had this item been online that it was drop severely in my opinion? Who would've thought you could steal get a deal after a year old collection? 

There was also recently this buzz going around about Dolce & Gabbana selling one of it's Fall 2013 collection dresses at $49,000. It had been stated they would sell six of them to the online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter, who are very confident all of dresses will sell out, meaning that hopefully there won't be any sale as the iconic skirt. We'll have to wait and see if confidence beats the price. 

Oh, and if your planning to get the skirt, don't overdress it, just let the skirt do the talking. You know it will. 

Would you purchase the skirt at it's sale price knowing what the price of the skirt was originally?


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