Raf Simons' Floral Prints are Masculine

Raf Simons Floral Prints Capsule Collection for Mr Porter
Raf Simons' floral prints may take some time to incorporate into men's wardrobe.

What is wrong with a man wearing a floral print shirt? Only that he has the confidence enough to pull it off.  And that's what fashion has been all this time in menswear. This season, it was Mr. Simons turn to design a 13-piece capsule collection that will only be sold exclusively at online luxury men's retailer, Mr Porter. The collection consists of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, high-top sneakers, and a bomber jacket, all of which are designed in vivid floral prints any men could actually wear. 

What I alway admire about Mr. Simons interpretation on menswear is that he always knows just how much to exceed and keep minimal. He seems to have a limit as to wear he'll cross the boundary, something that has gained him some more followers in men's fashion. Any type of feminine prints may be a subject of worry for other men, but Mr Porter knows exactly who they're selling too - the stylish and confident man who knows who he really is. As a customer, I particularly would be interested in purchasing a t-shirt or white button-down floral shirt to include into my special collection of designer pieces. One thing for sure is let the prints do most of the work and tone it down with neutral (black) shorts or trousers and cool shoes as Mr. Simons would have in mind - minimal. 

Yes, it may take time for most men to shift into this new type of era. Pink became a color most men got comfortable wearing over the years. But Raf Simons may become the greatest designer he is already, in giving men the confidence to pull of these floral print numbers. 


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