Alexander Wang's Cool Urban Shirts Collection

Alexander Wang's Mens Urban Cool Shirts
Alexander Wang can make any guy look Urban Cool. An exclusive collection for Mr. Porter only.

Mr. Porter may be having their seasonal sale going on right now, but I am more interested in something else. Not so long ago Raf Simons presented his exclusive floral prints collection for Mr.Porter, and all of the sudden as I visited the site today,  it appears that Alexander Wang has also created an exclusive collection that will only be available on the online retail site. Quite a surprise happening too soon.

When it comes to being the cool kid in the streets, Wang just has it all for your. Those cool yet sophisticated sweatpants, sleek t-shirts, and simply your damn cool bomber jacket. You have nowhere else to look for them. Urban cool would be the two words that comes up to mind when describing Alexander Wang's work. And let me tell you, kids here in the South, who had not been familiar with who Wang was, have become quite a fan of his work. Raf Simons, who I greatly respect, can be somewhat of a debate, but as I've shown these exclusive pieces to some guys today, they seem to have gone wild for those washed t-shirts, structured jackets, and both the contrast sleeve shirt and sweater pictured above. 

The white contrast-sleeve shirt may range at a price of $275, which I find it quite a fair price being that Alexander Wang could be considered a well known designer label. I mean, you could ask for it instead at let's say $600? His gray-contrast merino sweater is priced at $395 (fair, considering fabric and design), while one bonded-leather bomber jacket goes up to $1,195. Hey, it may seem a lot, but something tells me it could have looked like a $3,000 jacket. That's what I love mostly about Alexander Wang. He always delivers his best fresh designs, while considering price both in men's and women's fashion. What do you think about this exclusive collection?

Check more of his other designs at his official site, And exclusive collection at


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