Milan: Gucci Men's Spring 2014, Roberto Cavalli, and More

Day 3 of 4 Milan Men's Fashion Week: Texture Techniques.

gucci mens spring 2014 floral print shirts and suits

Vibe: Youthful Luxury.

The first model came out in a full floral print t-shirt, matching leggings, and an interesting black backpack. A full astonishing ensemble. The effortless cream setting sent a vintage relaxed feel, and once the first two models walked down the runway, all became instantly clearer. Frida Giannini has recently become mother to a baby girl, who will most likely experience the luxurious life a young Gucci girl should have. Her motherhood experience helped transform the phase of the new Gucci man we witnessed: more youthful, delicate, and athletic.

She replaced all her button-down dress shirts for t-shirts - floral prints, yellow, light brown, blue, red - and easily appealing silk scarfs styled around suits. Too casual? Not at all. She perfectly managed to keep the Gucci guy on luxury territory. One full matching gray floral print suit had a triumphing victory to the the collection. And Gucci being an international label who is best at designing on trend luxury outerwear, utilized its sportswear mood to present a series of exquisite anoraks with various color-blocked leggings done in rich high-tech fabrics. Her other light trench coats and blousons were worth the effort. Giannini stamped yet another obsession to be included in international editorials and magazines very soon.

Diesel Black Gold Men's Spring 2014 jackets

Vibe: Playing with your Biker Jacket.

Diesel Black Gold started off day 3 of Milan Men's fashion week with a great show. Well, maybe not as perfect, but you can't help but try on one of their jackets or denim you know have a clean cool vibe in them. The brand is always looking for new methods to keep their designs updated and desirable in todays competitive market. The presentation opened with a white biker that was finished with an additional cream detailed hem, and slouchy pants (jeans) that is becoming quite a trend over these past few weeks in men's spring 2014 collection. Trending were their floral brushed denim jackets that would have its Diesel guys going wild for them. They added a nice notch to the classical denim top. It was fine to see a black leather t-shirt paired with an appealing semi-stained graphic suit and skinny-slim cropped jeans.

roberto cavalli mens spring 2014 suits

Vibe: The Modern Dandy.

Roberto Cavalli only had 19 looks for its new spring 2014 men's wear collection. But that's more than enough to invest in the entire collection. If you don't favor Roberto Cavalli's work, then there must be something odd in you. The king of subtle prints, who knows how do masculine embroidery superbly well, evidently kept his crown once more. The Cavalli man is one who can be identified for being outgoing, festive, a cool dandy, and knows how to appreciate the feeling of luxury. All were evident in these collection. His embroidered shirts had a very satisfying confidence men wouldn't mind wearing, whilst his silk smooth suits - especially the final one pictured in the middle - were captivating. His outerwear wasn't left behind. A brown embroidered collarless biker jacket in leather and black python sleeves were very gratifying to have come across by. 

canali mens spring 2014 suits

Vibe: A Gentleman's Mermaid.

Canali is a label you can recognize it's suits by its light gray tone of stripes that can help one know who you're wearing. A crisp blue suit, sophisticatedly tailored, were noteworthy of a man who has a sharp taste of style. It was interesting to see Canali go into semi-casual looks that weren't unappealing to see. A light denim suit, pictured above, looked fresh with diminutive polka dot print trousers, a blue-striped shirt, and a white and purple polka dot tie. Mermaid prints in shorts, sweaters, and suits made of nice insets to the newly Canali man. Bolder stripes made an intro as well that . Its trousers were much more interesting to see available come in a strong tailored palette of colors. Canali set a questionable doubt here. Conservative or youthful? Which route did the brand actually take?

belstaff mens spring 2014 outerwear

Vibe: Outerwear Luxe Gear. It's necessary.

Belstaff doesn't make the most desirable outerwear you'd wear for a temporary season. They understand a man is much more adventurous, and wants to feel they've invested in a luxury piece that won't hurt him when he accidentally scratches his newly thousand dollar outwear jacket. That has been Belstaff goals for many years. Making men feel not only protective in their jackets, but trendy. It's new spring 2014 menswear collection had a mixture of vintage and past seasonal collection incorporated back again here: iconic belted coats modernized in colors and details, newly hand-painted camouflage jackets that looked so new to the brand, brilliant orange parkas, and leather ribbed biker jacket. Creative director, Martin Cooper, included only two innovative sweaters - one in orange (pictured above) and light blue - that imbued a high-tech competition to other outwear designers.

emporio armani mens spring 2014

Vibe: Mesh Shirts are In.

There is not much to say about Emporio Armani men's spring 2014 collection. Armani seems it will always stick to its regular house codes no matter what season. But the only thing we appreciate from him is bringing in new shades of colors each season. This season he went for more intense metallic colors the Armani man would enjoy wearing. His graphic t-shirts and shady suits had some good pieces to be inspired by. There were asymmetrical jackets that have become the trademark of the brand. His trousers had a choice of going fitted, slim, or relaxed, which is what most men would appreciate from an Armani pants. Shorts, such as one light gray tailored short above, had a sporstwear aesthetic that were convincing to watch. But his mesh fabric - in suits and shirts - reminded us of who the Armani man was: a fit contemporary city man who has little to fear about who he is.

fendi mens spring 2014 texture t-shirts and jackets

Vibe: Keeping it Cool in the Desert.

Fendi's runway can never be disappointing to experience. We wonder how much sand it took to fill that marvelous runway to looked appealing to to the new men's spring 2014 collection? Fendi demonstrated they don't only know how to play with fur. They too can deliver an exciting collection of bold textures. Innovative t-shirts have become a bigger trend in menswear, but it is the price brands have to battle to get a customer to truly buy that single t-shirt that will have a significance to anything they wear. A plain white t-shirt or a glossy faded illusional Fendi t-shirt? Fendi is the winner. T-shirts were an important part of the collection. 

Texture was crisply noticeable in outwear - cracked glossy leather jackets, ostrich jackets, crinkled shorts, and knitwear sweaters. A splash of colors - burgundy, sunset orange, saffron, blue, and tan - drove the collection much higher. Even though half of Fendi's pieces were oversized ore more relaxed, they couldn't be analyzed harshly; texture aided. Sneakers - graphically painted - were fresh with a relaxed gray suit, larger t-sirt, and matching trousers with hems rolled up. Fendi understand the direction men want to travel in fashion.

etro mens spring 2014 mariachi collection

Vibe: El Mariachi.

Etro can never go out of style with its upgraded paisley shirts. That is the print (paisley) that has been its signature mark ever since. For Spring, Kean Etro seemed to be dedicating an homage to the Mariachi man. Pants - in studded details - resembled the gold side seams a Mariachi pant would come decorated with. Trending were its fitted color-blocked pants - the best in the collection - which reminded one of how the more casual Mariachi pant is, only done in Etro's version. The full collection of pants are sure to be a big hit for the brand next summer, and in international men's magazines. Etro's formalwear also kept the vibe going on with his exquisite embroidery details that made you want to sing a Mexican song with those vibrant sombreros. Overall, what seemed to be a Mariachi interpretation helped Etro be on the map of designers with great influence.


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