Versace Men's Spring 2014 Athletic Movement

versace mens spring 2014 suits

"Athleticism, idealism, discipline, and freedom rule." Those were Versace's description for its spring 2014 menswear collection. It wasn't difficult to search for these terms here when given Versace's dictionary. Donatella Versace sent a parade of well built models to center around her theme: the life of a compassionate and devoted athlete in the world of sports. It's just that in Versace's world, everything is done with more exposure and somewhat sexier etiquettes.

Her suits - given a tough disciplinary tailoring - may have been surprisingly classic (simple) for the Versace customer. She gave a sporty silhouette to her suits and trousers - relaxed in a lower waist and finished with ribbed cuffs - that made it ideal for her athletes to go from the gym to an important event. There were a variety of options to choose from: single or double breasted, one or two buttons, silk, denim or leather suits, waist belt suits, and striking prints that came with the words "Versace" printed all over and another one in sports training figures. Dress shirts came in standard versions of white with a gold medusa button at top, to a very revealing see-thru lace number.

versace mens spring 2014 graphic print pants

There were only five different looks of shorts in these collection that were quite pleasing. She presented three suits with tailored shorts, and one faded blue short with a bright blue sleeveless shirt. But what took the best prize here was a hot light green suede short paired with the same colored jacket. It was either the perfect color and details of these short or the model who wore it covered with fluorescent tape  around his legs that made them so desirable. 

Freedom wore her number of graphic art pants, shirts, and jackets that are sure to be a big hit next summer. It seems Donatella Versace knew we would be fond of her fluorescent oversized tape, which could turn into a DIY project, that her cashmere sweaters - attached with a black leather star and a gold medusa - were gratifying insets. A series of leather bags decorated with leather stars and black medusa studs spoke for themselves who you're wearing. 

versace mens spring 2014 leather biker jackets

A collection without leather in Versace, regardless what season were in, wouldn't be a Versace show. Her motor jackets were crafted with great triumph. It is probably the details of its medusa zippers that elevated the spice. There still remained "classical" gold studded biker jackets that sent a message of getting comfortable and purchasing one before they're gone. 

Leather trousers had a light clean cut that felt comfortable and breathable to wear. One python suit matched with python trousers finished in ribbed cuffs may have not looked light, but it proved Versace knows how to handle leather with ease. As far as casualness goes, a colored medusa print shirt with black detailed pants, and open toed sandals, had nothing too casual. 


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