Paris Mens Fashion Week 2014: Givenchy, Kris Van Assche, and Berluti

Day 3 of 5 Paris Men's Fashion Week

givenchy mens spring 2014 print shirts

Vibe: The Techno-African Nerd.

Computer nerds is what Riccardo Tisci had in mind for Givenchy's spring 2014 men's wear collection. Except he formed an African influence tribe style that is sure to create a much more massive alliance next season. Tisci doesn't have much styling to do, because he lets his intricate prints do the talking. It's an easy outfit for the Givenchy man that adds a powerful appeal to any look combined. That is perhaps why the brand has had such a successful season, because Tisci understands what men want: simple outfits with a cool amount of prints to choose from.

His prints - hard disks and computer parts - were invigoratingly vibrant and youthful compared to previous darker ones. Printed sweaters and t-shirts kept that luscious Parisian street style look that has become the main attraction of the Givenchy generation. He made his models appear athletic with his techno printed shorts matched with tight leggings. One printed parka was introduced with confidence, whilst his final looks of bolder stripes depicted the future tribe of Givenchy's attitude. At this point of his career, Riccardo Tisci has victoriously toughened up the brand, officially moving it into a very new chapter that may one day be difficult to get accustom to what was once the House of Givenchy. 

kris van assche mens spring 2014 sportswear shirts

Vibe: Sporty-formal.

Kris Van Assche may be one of those designers many may have rarely heard of, but have probably been familiar with his work pictured in several magazines. He likes to identify himself as the designer who mixes sportswear with suits. His spring 2014 men's wear collection may have been one of the strongest collection we had seen so far from him. 

There were an incentive amount of details that depicted his sportswear movement: shirts with snap buttons, fluorescent zipper pockets, and elastic hems; parkas that were easy to style with shorts; slouchy-fitted trousers. A white dress shirt that was replaced for a zipper looked sporty-formal with a navy suit jacket and matching relaxed shorts. Another white dress shirt implied a little more formality with a printed crocodile texture effect that looked appealing with his fitted trousers; a favorite of mine. He also introduced an orange sweater, polo shirt, and shorts that had a crocodile embossed effect that appeared so realistic you had to get close enough to see it was a perfect print effect that scored high in Van Assche's collection. Sportswear and formalwear was something so great we weren't expecting from this collection.

berluti mens spring 2014 suits

Vibe: The Street Style Dandy.

The Berluti man is someone you would see pictured on the pages of many street style blogs. It's the combination of street, luxury, and casual formality that made the Berluti man much more interesting to watch. Alessandro Sartori did an excellent job taking the brand to the casual side of Bespoke. He presented a series of waistcoats and trousers that were cut shorter than average, giving it a unique appeal that didn't bring it down. Knitwear was noteworthy of the luxury standards that brand never fails at. What was more eye-catching were Sartori's purple numbered suits; the perfect tone of color. His leather jackets were also appropriate for the sportswear theme that has become very popular this season. And speaking of shoes, his two-tone lace-up shoes were the perfect match for this outstanding collection. It may be time to start saving up for one next season.


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