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Julien Dossena and Reed Krakoff


1. Paco Rabbane has appointed 30-year old french designer Julien Dossena will replace Lydia Maurer as its new creative director for the brand. Most of you may ask who is this french guy and what is there to know about the brand? 

Well, it happens that according to a press release from the label, Dossena was a senior designer at Balenciaga during Gh�squiere's reign from 2008 to 2012. As senior designer, you are in charge of the work and details of a collection the head designer wants to bring to life, meaning Dossena could bring a great influence from Gh�squire's technique to Paco Rabbane next season. He helped design Rabanne's fall 2013 show - a collection that sent a hot streetstyle message - and we can predict is if he were to take the brand in this route, Paco Rabanne could become the next big sensation amongst the youth. Maurer was beginning to shift the brand around quite well. (Read more here)

2. Reed Krakoff, who announced his departure in April as creative director from Coach, had been facing the problem as to who was going to buy his own label, Reed Krakoff. Coach had been the owner of his namesake label for quite a while, but ever since his departure it was time for someone to buy his name as well; felt like getting rid of everything Krakoff. 

This week, as the deadline came to a close for the purchase, WWD reported that Reed Krakoff bought his own label from Coach. A smart move we'd have to state. He is the one who built his signature label after all, so why not be the boss of your own label now? If an agreement wouldn't have been reached, A $3 million sale cut would have occurred. Well, now he will proudly have more liberty to expand his exquisite luxury label even more. Good luck to him. (Read more here)

3. You have probably already heard that Dolce & Gabbana have declared to close their brand completely if a tax-evasion fine is implemented. We hope this never happens, because if it were to happen it would be a very devastating moment for the fashion world. (Read more here)

Tom Ford Men's Grooming Collection - Bronzer Gel

Old News - New News

1. In case you didn't know, Tom Ford is set to launch an exclusive line of men's grooming products: bronzer, moisturizer, clay mask, concealer, and others. Even though it's "grooming", do you think it goes more towards make-up for men? Either way, we can't deny Tom Ford is a well dressed man with a flawless skin we admire. 

If he wanted to implement a great skincare product for men to wear, he would be the perfect candidate for the job. And if the line, which will be released in the fall, offers amazing results, rest assure the rest of the other guys will follow the lead. Investors even have set a well received number for these products, with the collection doing around $2.5 million in its first year. There is a lot of hope in Ford's new men's grooming collection don't you think? (Read more here)

Other Doubtful News

1. Alexander Wang released a video where he invites all his fan to a special top-secret event. The video below captures how people react when he announces that all the clothes are free to take. At first it may seem funny to see how the mass multitude of fans fight for free clothes, but after a few seconds a few doubts are created. Was this video staged, in other terms fake, or just a way to bring more media attention to the brand? We love Alexander Wang for his great use of knitwear and technical fabrics, but do we need this? Maybe for a short laugher we do. What do you think about the video?


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