Fendi's Fall Furry Monsters

Fendi Fall 2013 Fur Monster Accessories - Handbags and Shoes

You know you can't never go wrong when Fendi plays around with their fur. They are the best in the luxury market, taking fur to a whole another dimension then what is perceived by. They have found so many innovative ways to turn fur into a fabric of its own, so razor sharp sometimes you won't believe what type of fur material you're wearing. 

This fall, their accessories - mostly handbags - have gotten fur lovers craving for some playful fur monsters and bird baguette's. Their new designs won't come at such an affordable price menu with prices ranging from $4450 - $7200US for one of these little monsters. And if you're wondering what type of fur these bags are made from you would probably be somewhat surprised to know they are dyed mink fur from Finland. Nice, huh? If you were to take a closer look at them you would be able to appreciate their dying techniques do look very well made when it comes to fur, but of course were talking about Fendi. Everything needs to come out perfect if you want to be the best in the luxury fur market. 

Also, you may have noticed in case you these prices seem a bit high for a furry monster, you could always grab Fendi's furry keychain monster to accessorize any other bag. Although, at $700 for this whimsical charm that could become the next big trend this upcoming season, it's much more creative to say maybe a new DIY project? While you're at it, have fun with some furry ankle boots as well, because fur has turned out to be bigger than ever this fall.

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