Womens Fall 2013 Must Have Accessories | Part 2

Womens Fall 2013 Punk Accessories Trend

The Theme of the Season

The Fall/Winter 2013 trends will not be only about punk clothes, but accessories. Punk inspired accessories made their way throughout many brands in a unique manner. Some went hardcore punk like Saint Laurent, while others like Manolo Blahnik's red plaid lace-up heels were chic as was Coach's gold spiky (triangular) necklace. 

You now know you don't have to take punk to the EXTREME, but little punk details will make your outfit a whole lot edgier and a super trendy cool girl. Somehow, these accessories will lift the spirit of your fall wardrobe looks. Have fun! 

Womens Men's Inspired Shoes Trend


Low-cut boots. Over the knee boots. Men's inspired shoes. Pointed toe heels. Ankle cuffed heels. These are the must have shoes of the season. Various designs of boots took most of the trophy this season with a much wider use of lace-up brogue heels, while men's inspired shoes came stronger than ever with lace-up brogue heels being one of the most viewed throughout the runways. Block heels made their entrance with this specific trend as well.

Fall 2013 Over the Knee Boots Trend
Fall 2013 Low-Cut Boots Trend
Fall 2013 Ankle-Cuffed Heels Trend
Fall 2013 Pointed Toe Heels Trend

If you were looking to see maybe what colored shoes should be in your closet this fall, take it from our Women's Fall 2013 Trends collection. In case you may have forgotten you may want to go back here to refresh your mind for future references. Some of us may not be able to get our hands on all of these beauties, but a good inspiration for DIY can come in handy. Don't you think so?

Womens Fall 2013 Small Handbags Accessories Trend


Give those huge handbags a break. Designers were definitely pushing for smaller handbags this season. We know you will love this trend, but for those of you big handbag lovers who love to carry.....who knows what, go for rounder shaped handbags. Not only will you look like you're not carrying a suitcase, but chic to the max. Prada is your must go to.


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