Hairstyles Korea 2013 For Men

Korean hair style for the 2013 model will most nuanced short hairstyles for men, although there are still likes men with long hair model korea and hairstyles korean 2013 for men. There are so many Korean artists that most of the music group (band kpop boys) with her ??short haircut which became a trend among young people in korea. below are some of the latest korean hairstyle men 2013, which is becoming a trend hairstyle in korea :

1. Overlay Long bangs X Style
Simple hairstyles for men, easy going guy and fluffy. Hair style models such as this requires long bangs combed the front for sideways. With the determination of the curvature of a good hair volume, you can make a guy like this haircut to shape the overall dynamic.

korean hairstyles

2. Revealed short curly hair
korean hairstylesThis hair style became a trend for young executives in korea. Although so many artists who are also applying Model Men Hair Styles 2013, Latest Korea and become the trend in the year 2013. This model is actually almost the same as the Model Indian Mohichan, but this model does not mohawk up, but at the drop forward or sideways.This hairstyle shows the man who likes cleanliness. So this short hairstyle is perfect for you to apply.

3. Short Mohawk Style
hairstyles mohawkIt is undeniable style korean hair style is instantly becoming a trend among young people. And what's in the ladies say about the phenomenon of men who wear this hairstyle korea? "Wow cool", so said the ladies out there.