StreetStyle Shoe Trends - Dior vs. Valentino

Streetstyle Trends - Dior and Valentino Spring 2013 Shoes

Dior vs. Valentino - Two shoes that have caught the attention of many fashion freaks this season

If you happen to be a streetstyle admirer, you probably have noticed some very trending shoes women are wearing right now. 

Christian Dior's and Valentino's Spring 2013 shoe collection have been a mega hit on the streets and online fashion blogs over the past few months. I have lost the count of how many times I've seen both of these styles shot in photographs. Too much views is difficult not to remember the details even in your dreams. 

Personally, I believe these shoes are one of the best of the season. Raf Simons first spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection for Dior seems to be going pretty great for the brand. Valentino, of course, can never disappoint you - always modern classical.

The main question here is if you had the chance to choose between one of these pair of shoes - only one - which would you rather go for? Is it tough?


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