Balenciaga Resort 2014 - Alexander Wang is Becoming a Young Couture Designer

Alexander Wang for Balenciaga Resort 2014 Collection

Alexander Wang became quite a shocker when he was announced as creative director for Balenciaga just a couple of months ago. His own fall 2013 collection appeared to have somewhat of a couture volume to several of the designs that made you think twice if he could have been the chosen one for such a supreme luxury brand. Then a few weeks later, his debut for Balenciaga�s Fall 2013 Collection showcased his talent for couture exquisitely, executing a very pleasing collection even tough fashion critic, Cathy Horyn, was very fond of. 

Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga was very famous for his high volume of architectural couture in many of his works, which is something Wang himself seemed to be fascinated about, bringing back some of the archive moments (codes) of the house. It feels with no doubt like a new Balenciaga, toned down gracefully enough to appreciate every detail of work in each piece. Yes, Nicholas Ghesquiere brought the strong vibrant futuristic designs to the house, but Alexander Wang has also kept it injected in the brand. At such a young age, he seems to learning a lot in just a short period of time.

Alexander Wang for Balenciaga Resort 2014 Collection

His resort 2014 collection is a living proof that the designs do appeal quite classically futuristic, such as a black cropped top with exaggerated epaulets, or the white cropped top cut with a voluminous back (Balenciaga DNA). Dresses also have somewhat of an effect in various elements � drape, print, fabric technique � that make each dress special for the modern Balenciaga customer. Sure, it may not be of an appeal to the very young street fanatic who wears Balenciaga all the time, but it certainly is to the client who takes detail and craftsmanship seriously.  One that could be a favorite amongst several is a beautiful white dress over the shoulder that adds a fine couture quality. 

One very important key design that deserves to be talked about is Alexander Wang�s suits; perfect for the brand. He only presented one specific suit number in a very rich light gray color with cropped tailored trousers that were well worth it. His other black cropped numbers brought a nice touch to the overall looks. 

Accessories are the only aspects that should be taken into consideration putting more effort in. The clothes itself send a great message coming from Alexander Wang, but accessories are what could change your mind towards the collection. It is the same thing that happened with his fall 2013 debut. He sent great pieces of clothes to the runway, but there was something lacking when it came to analyzing accessories alone. I�d give him some time for at least appearing to giving an effort to pull out those fringe (sequin?) hats and shoes. What do you think? We�ll have to wait and see in September if he has elevated his ideas on accessories, and if we might at least see him play with some color, considering it�ll be an official (real) spring/summer 2014 collection.


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