Men's LFW Spring 2014 Schedule is Official. So, Will We Ever Get a Men's NYFW Schedule?

Men's London Fashion Week Spring 2014 Schedule Official
Pictured Left to Right: Burberry Prorsum F/W 2013, Rag & Bone F/W 2013, Alexander McQueen F/W 2013

London is getting ready to began its official 3 day fashion week dedicated purely to men's fashion. It's created quite a buzz for many in the fashion world. What's so important about this three day event though? Well, what's interesting is that London has become the third capital of the fashion world to announce a menswear fashion show full of only men's designers. We know Milan and Paris are not only a fashion capital known for its womenswear collections, but also for its prestigious menswear collections. London has begun to follow the lead of the other capitals. If you are familiar at all with London Fashion Week, you would know it is the capital of what I like to describe as "Innovative Beginners." Many of us forget to look at the creative designers that London has to offer, especially in men's fashion. I bet you are sure to find extraordinarily hidden boutiques that pride in the best sartorial craftsmanship. 

This is why several new and international designers have made sure to make the Men's LFW schedule much more interesting. Rag & Bone, who are actually an English brand, have moved their presentation from Milan to London for their next men's Spring 2014 collection. Burberry, who is one of the most internationally recognized English brands, have also decided to join the Spring 2014 Men's LFW calendar event. Even Dolce & Gabbana (Italian), who were asked a month ago if they were willing to join in this special event, were pleased to accept the invitation. They will have the honor of officially opening Men's Spring 2014 LFW with a presentation of their summer 2014 tailoring collection and store debut. Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and others have also joined the list.
Who knows, maybe London's three day menswear event may soon turn into an official fashion week separated into menswear and womenswear? For now, the schedule that was released looks quite interesting to begin with, but the other big question is this. If London, Milan, and Paris are going to offer both men's and women's shows, will New York become the next capital of the world to even all things out with only a menswear fashion week? 

There are menswear collections during NYFW, but it only interferes with what most of us are assigned to see - women's runway collections. They don't give much of an opportunity for new menswear designers to be looked at or others, because were too busy analyzing other clothes. That being said, maybe a NYFW menswear calendar should be taken into consideration. Make the event happen during the first week of June, and then let it lead to London? Yes, it may take time to make the calendar fair for everyone, but one thing for sure is that profits and new talents could become more recognizable.

Check out the official Men's London Fashion Week Schedule here, which will began June 16-18. Check back here soon for the coverage.


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