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Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta recently launched its new Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Campaign via a unique and socially manner. While others have been promoting their new campaigns through Facebook, Tumblr, and other online sites, Erika Bearman (OscarPRGirl), as everyone calls her, decided to first promote de la Renta's campaign through her Instagram account. A strategic and magnificent idea we could state. 

Instagram has become one of the most popular Social Media Apps just about every brand uses to promote their products now a days. So why not premiere your campaign through here as well? In today's social media world we want everything quick and easy without hesitating to open up a new browser window to see new updates from our favorite brands. It works strategically if you think about it to open your App on your Smartphone and view all of de la Renta's campaign instantly at the speed of light all in one page; the campaign received an instant like and comments in a matter of seconds. The campaign was the news of the morning it wouldn't be surprising to see another brand promoting their full advertisements on Instagram as well. We'll be watching to see who does it next, while we give a great stand of applause to OscarPRGirl who has done an outstanding job as director of communications connecting the brand through Social Media over the past few seasons.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Handbags

Meanwhile, speaking of the campaign, it seemed to be portraying a much more darker atmosphere than what we're used to seeing in his bright ladylike campaigns. But the campaign actually sends somewhat of a strong message with those clothes and dark hairstyles that portray a rebel in de la Renta's version. His surprising draped suits and awkward cloche hats imbue an elegance in the campaign worth trying on when they hit stores, while his hypnotizing modern Cinderella gowns couldn't be left out in the campaign, because we all know these were the star of the collection. You can know pre-order some of these looks at; one 
metallic purple embroidered gown will retail at $13,990US. See more of the campaign through their Facebook account.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Draped Coats

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013/2014 Campaign Gowns

What do you think about the campaign?

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Sexy Python Dress

Gucci was also feeling the dark atmosphere, but in a much more sexier version. Photographers Mert and Marcus were in charge of giving these campaign a provocative sex appeal that only needed a black leather sofa to let models, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Adrien Sahores deliver the scenes. There were some that stated famous supermodel Kershaw didn't appear convincing with short black hair, but we thought she was delivering the shot perfectly. There was that mien sexy assassin with those luxurious python and leather numbers that portrayed what the Gucci Fall 2013 collection's were all about. Whether you liked it or not, all we know is that it sure was another talked about campaign you had to see to judge for your own. Do you think it's as sexy as Gucci woman implies? We want some of those python numbers - boots, coats, dress - in our next season wardrobe. See more of the campaign here.

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Bamboo Handbag

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Men's Wear Campaign

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Men's Wear Campaign Purple Leather Jacket

Gucci Fall 2013/2014 Women's Campaign Python Boots

gucci fall 2013 campaign python dress


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