Pre-Order My Mink Coat Baby

mink fur coats from michael kors, gucci

Prices for the above mink coats (left to right):
Michael Kors houndstooth mink wrap - $17,995US
Gucci Jaguar Mink Cape - $21,000US
Brunello Cucinelli Mink Intarsia Jacket - $21,525US

What extremes can fashion take to make luxury much more sumptuous in a ready-to-wear collection? There are many designers who insert rich details in their leather numbers to drive prices up, or simply add crocodile patches to elevate the standards of true luxury. Perhaps ridiculous, but we can't deny sometimes we wished to own a nice leather piece; I myself would have to confess to be a fond owner of some leather numbers. Authentic leather has become an accepted fabric over the past years, but what may still be digesting unpleasantly is the acceptance of real fur - or more specifically Mink.

Fall 2013 collections seemed to have attracted most designers to incorporate one or two mink coats in their presentations, but even more interesting was to watch the advanced techniques and cuts designers are able to captivate in any fabric today. We would want to presume though that Prada may have had something to do with the growing trend. If you recall, the designer's floral mink coats from her Spring 2013 collection became a very popular coat on editorials and street style blogs. Her mink coats could have had you wondering if they were around $3,000US (and acceptable price for most of us now), when in reality they were worth around $44,000US. 

Designers here opted to dye their mink coats - minks actually have a dark-brown fur - and inject invigorating prints that could attract the luxury customer. The trend seemed to have been a battle of who could design the most innovative mink coat to be on editorials this season. You would loose the number of mink coats if you had to count them from every collection this fall. The only truth here is if you are a mink lover, are you willing to pay such a high price for these treasures? Do designers really need to shed many furs or minks to be that popular with their special coats?

Although, if you were to think as a fashion editor looking for a great mink coat to put on your next must have editorial, something tells us you would have to choose Michael Kors' $17,995US houndstooth mink wrap. Throw Versace's yellow mink coat in their for the wilder and younger customer as well. 
Oh, and if you are ever curious to know the difference between fur and mink, we'll give you the short answer now. Mink fur is more durable because its hairs are much more shorter, thicker, and soft, which makes it an un-messy furry coat. 

Most mink coats are available to pre-order now online, which gives you some time to order one for you or your loved one before fall arrives. Money must be included in the order though. Sorry.

prada spring 2013 collection white mink floral coat
Prada White Floral Mink Coat from Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.


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