Are Menswear Designers Competing Against Zara?

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Is it comforting to say that fashionable retail chains - H&M, Topman, and Zara - are now giving high-end designers, especially menswear, a competition of their own? If we look at how fast men's fashion is moving, it has become somewhat daunting for designers to sell off their highly priced designs when another retailer (Zara) is producing similar designs of theirs for half the price (or more) of an original designer item. High-end menswear collections have been around for quite a while, but now that more men are paying attention to their personal style, designers may not feel it fair to see other mega retailers taking over their designs after they've invested more creativity and time in their menswear seasonal collections.

It used to be that tailored and very fitted clothes could only be obtained through designers, but today anyone can obtain their very fitted pieces - pants beginning at $29.99 to a suit retailing at $80 or a intricate biker jacket at $300. What's the difference? Authentic leather has gone up the sky, improved details and cuts are paid much more attention to, craftsmanship may be of a special technique, and a brand's label closes the deal. But most men are less about technique and cut, and more about it's cool, fits well, and a perfect price for such an investment. Men sometimes find it difficult to invest in a great $1,000 coat because they're afraid it won't be a well worth investment compared to a $1,000 technology device. This is probably one of the main factors that have led designers themselves like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and much more concentrate in producing very noteworthy designs for their diffusion lines that cost less than their designer collections.

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While some retail chains hire unknown designers or creative directors to create their own unique "designer collections," one particular retailer seems to be ahead of the curve. Zara has included a series of religious and greek god t-shirts that seem to have been inspired by Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 collections. They not only have these types of t-shirts, but also others that have similarities towards Givenchy's ones. Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent has also put his $4,900 short-fitted biker jackets on the hunt for Zara to retail theirs for only $299.99; huge price cut and fitted, although we'd prefer Saint Laurent's version. Accessories, such as Valentino's most photographed street style camouflage sneakers, have also made it to Zara's store for a price of $99.90, compared to its $795 designer version; these sneakers are so identical it makes you want to buy them. To say the least, the designer inspired items you may seek for could be hidden at a Zara retailer.

There is no denial that Zara has been a clever and an on trend company that seems to be doing their research very well. We could dare to say that Zara is becoming one of the strongest fashionable retail chains that is giving much more attention to its menswear line, introducing and even predicting new trends that are sure to be a mega hit. 

They have created a well put formula for men to wear designer quality items - very fitted pieces, accessories, and special details - but at the same time, have a feel for a luxury designer inspired item. And while half of men may still be investing in highly coveted outfits, the other half may not have an excuse for unattainable style, because there is a retail that is offering you designer inspired models at reasonable prices. The question here though is would you rather opt for the original designer's collection or spend less at Zara? If we could express our personal opinion, you would agree with us that while a retailer may be selling great inspired designs, there will always be a special design only a designer can offer. 

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