Tom Ford and His Eponymous Fashion Career

Fashion designer, Tom Ford

Fashion icon/designer, Tom Ford, may be turning 52 today, but you can't deny the man looks in his thirties. You could skip through many of his pictures - parties, self-portrait advertisements, fashion shows - and you won't notice a difference of age. Not bad for his age today, huh? How does he even manage to look so youthful, considering fashion is one of the most stressful careers to work in today's fast paced society? 

Well, he is never afraid to share some of his beauty secrets to other guys who seek for a flawless looking skin in case you're wondering too. "Male grooming and skincare products" - bronzer on t-zone for vivid skin, concealer for imperfections, luxury cleanser and moisturizer for refreshening skin - are what keep his looks fresh, and will also be something guys will finally be able to get from him when his so talked about men's skincare line debuts this fall. 

In fact, he is one of the most liberating designers who is not afraid to speak about anything. So comfortable about himself, sex and nudity are part of his lifestyle. His campaigns always contain a sexual form of act (or provocation) that can exceed an average advertisement to the point of banning them. Talk about his so controversial pubic hair campaign for Gucci, and a perfume ad for his label placed on a model's private parts for advertisement. His eponymous collections always have a correlation with sex, but nothing to do with vulgarity. His mission is always to find the perfect balance for woman to feel sexy and glamorous in what they wear, but best of all, confident in who she is. He understands the anatomy of a woman, making his dresses luxury provocation for men; he is a lover of an open back, peekaboos, and cleavage slits of course. When it comes to menswear, he knows exactly how the perfect fitted suit should look like in a man. That has taken Mr. Tom Ford to be one of the A-list designers celebrities, men and women, will go to.

He has done so much for the fashion world, he is only one of the few designers you can't mess around with. His resume is one of the strongest in the fashion industry with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent being his powerful ones. He could be considered the godfather of Gucci, because without him maybe Gucci wouldn't exist or be such a mega empire it is today. He took Gucci from the ground up, and everything he designed while under the brand became gold to say the least, as did for other brands. Today, it is a jewel to find a vintage Gucci x Tom Ford piece people would be willing to pay more than the required.  His own brand, Tom Ford, may not be superbly familiar to many since he does not believe so much in press - a reserved designer - but whoever gets to cross by his seasonal collections is difficult not to fall in love with. He is a fashion icon - best dressed, flawless skin, best collections of the season, trend setter, and open minded designer - who we wish to see delivering many more designs to crave for. Happy Birthday.

See some of his famous quotes and invigoratingly sexy campaigns/collections below.

Tom Ford quotes

Tom Ford Steamy Ad Campaign

Tom Ford Spring 2012 Campaign

Gucci for Tom Ford Fall Campaign
Gucci for Tom Ford Fall Campaign


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