Selena Gomez and Her Atelier Versace Numbers

Selena Gomez at VMA 2013 Awards in Atelier Versace
Selena Gomez at VMA's 2013 Awards in Atelier Versace

We all know pop song artist, Selena Gomez, has recently turned 21 even though she still looks quite young for such a liberating number. When it comes to an awards ceremony, it shouldn't be no surprise she'll opt for full Atelier Versace numbers - the brands couture line - that are best known for designing very sexy pieces. This season, Atelier Versace's Fall 2013 collection came even more sexual and revealing than from previous seasons. To say the least, we weren't really expecting no one to show up in such designs from the collection. Okay, maybe for the VMA's 2013 vulgar red carpet event wouldn't have been shocking, but it was when Selena showed up in a navy revealing lace corset dress that was hold by Swarovski crystal-pins that appeared the dress could have ripped with any harsh move.

It seems that at 21, the artist may be beginning to feel more comfortable in what she wears with super high-slits, something her best friend, Taylor Swift, prefers to keep classic. We're not saying she's becoming excessive or vulgar, for the dress brought a perfect balance compared to other artists who walked the red carpet. It just seems the main buzz here that had several online sites talking about this dress was people not been accustomed to seeing Selena Gomez showing too much skin.....until now. 

For fashion, we thought she looked beautiful in her Atelier Versace gown, but for others it may look different. And whether you hated it or not, by now she showed us she can't go wrong in anything she wears, and is really one of the few who can pull of this sexy look without vulgarity interfering. What do you think about Selena Gomez's revealing dress she wore at the VMA's 2013 red carpet?

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Selena Gomez in various Atelier Versace dresses


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