Jason Wu's Spring 2014 Feminine Approach to Easy Glamour

jason wu spring 2014 dresses

Jason Wu is no longer a 23 year-old fashion designer who designed for young girls back in his days. His grown, and so has his label - matured in a very beautiful and empowering feminine manner. It all started with cute designs, then luxury aesthetics, edgy tailored pieces, provocation (who can't remember his Spring 2013 one), and last season he tried to give us his "most mature and Extreme Femininity" collection. He's always looking for ways to intertwine real femininity - sensuality, authority, delicacy, sophistication - with his luxurious silhouettes; it'd make sense why First Lady, Michelle Obama, had chosen Mr. Wu twice to wear his designs for such special occasions. And for his new Spring 2014 collection, the designer embarked on another triumphant journey of the female silhouette.......making relaxed daywear tailoring feel as glamorous and easy as life should be.

He wanted to create "a dialogue between construction and ease," and it most certainly was present here. The collection emphasized much more on daywear - strong jumpsuits, safari vests in chiffon that only covered certain body parts with its pockets, trench coats paired with lace corsets on back for structure, an intricate biker jacket, knitwear tops, and sleeveless suit jackets - without loosing Wu's signature. He even included one swimsuit and kaftans paired with see-through lingerie laced details. Lacing was his sensuality etched in other jackets and dresses, like one white strapless piece. His constructed shorts and pants were noteworthy of an order, making every look seem effortlessly well put together.

What took away the show here though were his sumptuous metallic embroidered numbers of chiffon dresses - halter neck and spaghetti straps - that came in various colors (gold, light green, light gray, white, blue, and black). They may have been the most relaxed yet tailored dresses Mr.Wu had ever presented for a collection, but their delicate cowl-like drapery on the back transmitted luxury. These dresses were not meant to wear at night, because Wu envisioned them for daywear as did his other looks, and he may be on track of setting a trend of metallic embroidered dresses as the new must have "it" dress for casualness. I mean, who said glamour begins at night, when daytime is when you shine the most? Mr. Wu understood all that very clearly.

Jason Wu Spring 2014 Details


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