The Top Men's Fall 2013 Must Have Trends

mens fall 2013 relaxed coats trend
Jil Sander, Burberry Prorsum, Prada

1. Relaxed Coats: Fall 2013 is about letting loose of those hard constructed coats and giving them more freedom in what tailoring is concerned. We don't mean go with a coat that is 3x bigger than your size. It's all about feeling comfortable and relaxed in your coat of desire, but in order to achieve this look details and construction are a must go to for this trend, unless you want to look like a boy in a big men's coat.

Jil Sander doesn't need to stress about her Fall 2013 menswear collection. She is the "Queen of Clean" after all, keeping her designs minimal (simple) yet impeccably detailed. Her coats, such as a dark green one and others, should be worth an investment for your new upcoming fall wardrobe. Burberry can also be known as the "King of the Trench coat," which wouldn't be surprising to see men in one of their innovative chocolate leather coats this fall. Prada wasn't left behind either. There were something about these checked pattern coats you had to view a second time in order to fall COMPLETELY in love with them. That is the magic of Prada, the first view may be confusing, but after a second trial it can become a desperate need that gets stuck in your mind.

mens fall 2013 fur coat trends
Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Canali

2. Fur Coats: While men may not be in favor of big fur coats, menswear designers understood the message, and went for more masculine looks that stated luxury. There was much to choose from - extravagant, cool, edgy, conservative - anyone would be pleased to wear. Money may just be the next problem.

Louis Vuitton went for leopard print mink coats that are sure to be seen around several men's fashion magazines this fall, while Fendi opted to go for a dyed fur coat they know exquisitely well how to do. Fendi is the best in the fur market after all. And while some coats may seem luxuriously cool to wear, other brands like Canali trimmed its mink fur for the man who wants to wear his fur conservatively. 

mens fall 2013 pattern trend
Fendi, Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford

3. Oversized Patterns: Think about all the menswear suit patterns their is to wear this fall, but OVERSIZED. Make checked, houndstooth, windowpane, pinstripe, plaid, herringbone, and many other patterns a true statement in your wardrobe. The true statement here though is that these patterns did not only make it to suits, but to sweaters, shirts, and outerwear pieces. This trend has been the biggest one of all.

Fendi gave its zoomed in plaid pattern shirt an edgy statement, whilst Valentino went for a vivid and noteworthy sweater. Valentino's men's fall 2013 collection actually showed many oversized pattern pieces that were sophisticated, luxurious, and masculine, making them one of the best of the seasons when it came to patterns. Tommy Hilfiger's preppy signature looks were worth an eye this season too. His full ensemble looks could have been a little too preppy, but when you separate his multi-patterened shearling jackets with another look, you know its going to make a strong and fresh statement. And when it comes to Mr. Tom Ford, he turned an ordinary white shirt into a lustrous windowpane shirt it'll look good even with sweatpants. 

mens fall 2013 boxy suit trends
Ermenegildo Zegna, Michael Kors, Costume National, Emporio Armani

4. Double-Breasted Boxy Suits: Each season, suits tend to change mostly in tailoring. While last season, double-breasted suits may have been fitted, this season they'll come shaped boxier, or in shorter terms, relaxed. Designers have also appeared to be styling these suits with t-shirts or sweaters for a casual vibe this fall. Double-breasted suits tend to fall in the formalwear category, but when constructed boxier, we can't deny they look good paired with a matching t-shirt. 

Ermenegildo Zegna's pinstriped suit didn't say casual or louche at all. In fact, Zegna was one of the best when it came to this trend, making sure this trend stayed true to the brands superb tailoring craftsmanship. Michael Kors, Costume National, and Emporio Armani all had somewhat of a casual description in their looks yet appropriate.

mens fall 2013 turtlenecks trend
Todd Snyder, Herm�s, Raf Simons, Alexander McQueen

5. Turtlenecks: Oh No! Turtlenecks can be quite an enemy to some guys. We know this trend is not meant for everyone, even though male models know how to sell them. You don't have to go up high like most designers opted this season, but a small neck cover may do no harm to your appearance. It is up to you how comfortable you feel entering this trend. 

Todd Snyder is quite an unknown designer not overly familiar in most of men's fashion, but with his cool number of turtlenecks and other outerwear pieces, it may be time you familiarize with him. And when it comes to effortless luxury, leave it to Herm�s, whose turtlenecks may have been one of the best this fall. It is so easy to desire for an entire Herm�s menswear collection, but its extravagant price tags and fabric touch may confirm why the brand is so good at real luxury. Raf Simons' eponymous fall 2013 men's collection and Alexander Mcqueen's weren't left behind.

mens fall 2013 sportswear trend
Louis Vuitton, Kris Van Assche, Calvin Klein Collection, Versace

6. Luxury Sportswear: You know when sportswear makes its mark in men's fashion, it won't come at fair prices. Remember Valentino's famous camouflage sneakers? Well when it's clothes were talking about, you bet prices may just be sweeter at this point. Never the less, an inspirational designer sportswear look should already be inspiring you for your fair version of this trend.

Louis Vuitton took its traveling heritage to the mountains for its men's fall 2013 collection. Vuitton's navy puffed up vests couldn't looked any more cool when paired with a luxurious silk suit and hiking boots. Oh, and did we mention luxury spice? Kris Van Assche mixed formal wear shirts with sporty sweaters, making them a hybrid of its own. Calvin Klein's looks were a must see this fall, with a high amount of futuristic sportswear pieces. Versace offered a more sexier sporty attitude.

mens fall 2013 baseball jackets trend
Saint Laurent, A.P.C., Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy

7. Baseball Jacket: You may already have an interesting baseball jacket hidden in your closet somewhere. Whether it be thick or slim fitted, don't think about not wearing it. You already know you'll need one.

There are still critics about Saint Laurent's kitsch menswear collection, but when this specific baseball jacket is selling out like if it were $25 - when it's $2,190 in reality - criticizers may need to check back at what they said. Who wouldn't want a Saint Laurent piece by now? A.P.C's slim fitted baseball jacket, Roberto Cavalli's dandy-like turquoise jacket, and Givenchy's wool and leather zipper jacket all have a run for a competition. 

mens fall 2013 biker jackets
Saint Laurent, Neil Barrett, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo

8. Badass Biker Jackets: If baseball jackets and sportswear themes have made it to the men's fall 2013 trends, you shouldn't be surprised biker jackets made it this season as well. A biker jacket is not just any kind of jacket. It's a jacket that states youthfulness, authority, and male domination (badass). Investing in a great one is worth it not only for this season, but for the rest of the years.

Saint Laurent is also in the lead with its $5,000 biker jackets that seems to be selling like pancakes; details are everything in this jacket. Neil Barret's blue patchwork biker jacket, Versace's sporty one, and Salvatore Ferragamo who demonstrated they too can make not only suits but great outerwear and biker jackets, are just a few who were on the lead.

mens fall 2013 cardigans
Bottega Veneta, Michael Bastian, Missoni, Dries Van Noten

9. Interesting Cardigans: A cardigan is a form of sweater/jacket that can lift your very casual look to the next level. There is something unique in a man who wears a cardigan, and designers wanted to pay tribute to this style in very technical ways - patchwork, luxury knits, embroidery, razor thin leather - you'd want to upgrade to the newer versions.

Bottega Veneta played around its thin patchwork cashmere cardigans designed with a semi-hidden zipper that would look great in any semi-formal attire - jeans, khakis, trousers. Michael Bastian went for quite a rebel style with his embroidered wolf cardigan, while Dries Van Noten imbued a vintage vibe. Missoni, who are best known for their signature zigzag knitwear, offered invigoratingly rich cardigan designs in their men's fall 2013 collection, who men should look after; just about the entire collection focused on cardigans.

mens fall 2013 graphic sweaters
Giorgio Armani, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marni, Emporio Armani

10. Graphic Colors: Some call it graphic, others call it color-block. Either way you get the difference, and there's not much to say but mix those colors.

Giorgio Armani's graphic sweater was one to go after, while 3.1 Phillip Lim's black/white jacket will have young guys crazy for one. Marni's hint of burgundy on one sleeve was worth the sweater, and Emporio Armani's technical mesh sweater took mesh to the next level.

mens fall 2013 military outfits
Dior Homme, Belstaff, Balenciaga, Canali

11. Military Inspired Outfits: Imagine you are out on the military field, but in a much more refined manner. That is what military inspired outfits should feel like, not dress code type, but trendy and cool.

Dior Homme reminded one of the Russian military with those belts across the waist - sleek and authoritative; in case your curious, fabric in this collection, like wool, came razor thin sharp. Belstaff knows how to make not only a belted coat a statement but a great necessity for those harsh weathers. They're trendy and weather resistant for the guy who seeks both. Balenciaga men's light desert coat would be appropriate for a streestyle shoot, as for Canali's gray militant coat would best go to an evening celebration with your Colonel.

Mens fall 2013 urban trends
Dsquared2, Diesel, Lanvin, Balmain

12. Urban or Rebel: With the punk influence that has been going on in the womenswear side, menswear also got a little dose of rebellion, but not as much punk as you would have thought. Stick mostly to an urban street style that comes with a rebellious side of your personality. Just have fun.

Dsquared2 is one who knows what urban and rebellion is all about, but this season it felt more preppy urban yet energized. Diesel also offered a little rebellion with a red "Get Lost" turtleneck, while Lanvin mixed its punk-y hairstyles with their Parisian version of urban wear; not bad for the Paris version. And leave it to Balmain who any guy wishes to own, such as those signature double-breased military blazers and leather biker pants. Only problem is if Balmain's looks appear to be youthful cool, their price say nothing youthful.

mens quilted and fur collar coats
Calvin Klein Collection, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Viktor and Rolf

13. Quilted & Fur Collar Coats: Quilited Jackets may feel a bit old and out of style, but when you see the newer versions designers presented, you'd want two of them in your closet. The same goes for a vast quantity of intricate shearling and fur collar coats.

Calvin Klein can be the one to blame for wanting this trend. Their quilted jackets appeared to be from another dimension - so technologically advanced with those quilting techniques. Giorgio Armani offered his quilted number in a suit form. Gucci definitely took the icing with its shearling and fur collar military inspired coats; you'd want one for every week. Viktor & Rolf had good pieces to choose from too.

mens fall 2013 evening suit jackets
Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford

14. Eveningwear Suit Jackets: Evening wear will never be boring this fall. While designers chose to stay away from matching suits this season, you have to agree nobody needs a matching suit when your suit jacket can speak for itself.

Louis Vuitton chose the highest level of silk to give its printed red suit jacket a real luxury feel. Dolce & Gabbana's floral appliqu� suit jackets were masculine in all its form, as for Tom Ford's baby blue appliqu� suit jacket was fit for the man who has the power of seduction. Roberto Cavalli's silk purple dandy suit jacket was also noteworthy.

mens fall 2013 vintage outfits
Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, Etro, Kenzo

15. Vintage Looks: Oversized patterns, boxy suits, and quilted jackets may have influenced somewhat of a vintage vibe in men's fall 2013 collections. Take your old plaid shirt out, suit, or varsity sweater to wear this season. You'd be happy you saved some money, but know how to wear them, because designers seemed to have given these looks a modern touch with tailored trousers.

Dries Van Noten loves to make vintage prints into very modern ones to wear in today's century. Take for example his quilted t-shirt that say nothing too vintage about it. Jil Sander felt best taking some of her greatest hits of her vintage years into newer classical ones like an iconic patterned turtleneck sweater. Etro gave suits a vintage approach with their color and print choices, while Kenzo upgraded the varsity sweater.

mens fall 2013 gray hues clothes
Bottega Veneta, Nicole Farhi, Rag and Bone, Bespoken

16. Gray Matters: Gray has become the new black in fashion this season. Instead of a black suit or coat, opt for something gray. It'll add more style to your look.

Bottega Veneta's suit formed a mixture of various shades of gray, something Nichole Farhi did in its sweater, and Bespoken in its gray coat. Rag & Bone's gray and yellow colored hoodie had a youthfulness for the ones who may have seen gray as old.

mens fall 2013 blue colored outfits
Valentino, Berluti, Gucci, Dior Homme

17. Blue Stays: It is no secret blue is a man's favorite color. So don't worry, because if anything blue hues - navy, baby blue, cobalt, etc - have seemed to stay this season for quite a while.

Valentino's must have navy leather jacket had not only this blue number, but many other shades of blue pieces in their collection. Berluti's trench coat could catch anyones attention. And when it came to more blue shades, Gucci had its patterned suit version on the hot list, while Dior Homme's blue tailored trousers and navy graphic polo shirt have been a hit on several men's fashion magazines.

mens fall 2013 colors trend
J.Crew, Brioni, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana

18. Color Spectrum: You may have already seen that green, burgundy, brown, and black/white combos have become the new "it" colors of the fall 2013 season. And to be more specific all colors came in various shades or hues of the family. Green - turquoise, blue green, dark green, light green. Brown - camel, light brown, chocolate, desert, dark brown. You get the deal now.


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